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July 09, 2020
Customer Stories

One small sales tweak → way more demos

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By Calendly

How a small team boosted their monthly demos by 30% — without putting added pressure on their swamped sales reps.

When sales reps are swamped with so many priorities, it’s easy for hot inbound leads to slip through the cracks–killing great deals before reps can ever touch them.

So Virtru’s Director of Demand Gen wondered: could he increase the number of demos booked by letting leads schedule their *own* demos?

Let’s see how Virtru tested this idea, and how they increased their rate of demos scheduled from 30% to 60%–so you can replicate their success in your own lead nurture process. 

Virtru keeps your confidential information (like credit card details, medical records and employment data) secure online–even when you need to share it over email. And with 90% of their customers finding their site organically, they knew their top-of-funnel marketing strategy was secure, as well.

But further down that funnel, they had a leak problem.

Only 25-30% of inbound leads were actually scheduling demos–which was a low conversion rate, considering people were clicking very specific CTAs like “See a demo.”

“My theory was that our inside sales team couldn’t keep up,” said Sean McVey, Virtru’s Director of Demand Gen.

Virtru’s sales team was also busy researching, prospecting, qualifying and closing deals. So to better manage their healthy flow of inbounds, Sean decided to tweak the thank you page.

The Old Thank You Page

Sean had already automated most of the lead gen process. First, leads identified themselves as business users and arrived at a Hubspot form.

old thank you

Once they completed the form, they saw a thank you page promising a rep would contact them:

thank you image

But in reality, their demo request sat stagnant in Salesforce, waiting…and waiting…until a rep had time to add them to the right Yesware campaign.

“Reps would get overbooked with tasks, so they couldn’t follow up,” said Sean.

“Leads would have to wait around, and the rep would have to manage each conversation, which could go on for several emails. So people would eventually lose interest.”

Thus, the leak in the funnel.

The Missing Piece

Sean’s hypothesis was that the longer a lead had to wait for a follow-up, the more likely they were to lose interest. So he had to eliminate the waiting period.

To do this, he signed up for Calendly and embedded a rep’s schedule directly into Virtru’s thank you page. Now, leads were empowered to book their own demos at the height of their interest:

before after

Within weeks, Sean noticed an uptick in the number of leads actually booking demos.

“I saw pretty quickly that our conversion rate was nearing 50% or more,” he said.

After seeing early success, Sean took things one step further.

He created three separate thank you pages, one for each of their customer segments (small teams, mid-market and enterprise).

In the form, a lead identifies which segment they’re in:

Based on that information, they’re directed to the thank you page with the corresponding reps’ Calendly page embedded.

“This way, we’re not making all our reps share the same leads,” said Sean.

To ensure no lead slipped through the cracks, Sean set up a Slack channel, where he’d receive a notification each time a lead filled out the form. Once the lead booked through Calendly, he’d get a second notification–and if he never got the second one, he knew a rep should follow up manually. But that was rare.

“We started getting so much volume that we ended up connecting two reps’ calendars, and letting Calendly assign demos round-robin,” he said.

The Results

With their old thank you page and manual follow-up from reps, about 29% of Virtru’s leads actually scheduled demos.

virrtu image

“Within the first month of using Calendly, we jumped to 61% of leads scheduling a call,” said Sean.

  • Static thank you page + reps following up manually: 30% conversion from demo requested to demo scheduled

  • New thank you pages + leads scheduling automatically:


    61% conversion from demo requested to demo scheduled


Now, Virtru’s sales team can focus on its most important metric–deals closed–while leads just entering the sales pipeline are empowered to move forward as soon as they’re ready.

By giving people an action item on your thank you page, you, too, can boost conversions–rather than stalling momentum by forcing leads to wait.

Do you have any thank you page advice you’d like to share? Let us know in the comments.



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