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TrackVia personalizes interaction to increase sales and reduce customer churn

Calendly, May 23, 2020

TrackVia empowers business users to create custom apps with minimal programming knowledge. But to demonstrate how TrackVia meets very unique needs, the sales team needs a highly responsive sales cycle—so they use Calendly.


“Calendly makes the engagement process responsive to each prospect. It breaks down the barriers of entry for getting customers scheduled for a call.”

Creating an optimal trial experience to increase conversions

Once a prospect signs up for a trial, an account executive reaches out to schedule a call. If the user seems hesitant, the AE sends them a solutions architect’s Calendly link. The user is free to schedule a short discovery call, in which they can explain exactly what they’re trying to create.

“Sometimes, potential customers are reluctant to engage in a traditional sales model, but they do want assistance. Calendly creates an easy way for them to engage without feeling pulled into a process they’re not interested in.”

On the call, the solutions architect creates a prototype of the app the user needs and facilitates a prototype review. If the user is happy, they become a customer. If the user needs more time, they can book a prototype follow-up meeting.

Properly onboarding customers to reduce churn

Once the user becomes a customer, the solutions architect shares their scheduling link for post-sale discussions, where the user can schedule anywhere from two to six working sessions. These are crucial for user engagement and retention, as TrackVia wants users to really “own their app.” These sessions ensure the new customer’s relationship with TrackVia is a long, satisfied one.

With Calendly, TrackVia’s personalized sales cycle allows the team to close more deals, more quickly—and to ensure that customers keep coming back.

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