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Tips for hiring on a tight deadline

Calendly, June 17, 2020

When your schedule is tight, it's easy to let hiring fall to the bottom of the to-do list, especially if you have a great team. You trust your people to do their jobs, and they come through.

The time will come, though, when you need to hire a new team member quickly. You'll want to do it without sacrificing anything else on your to-do list, even though your schedule is already strained.

1. Make the most of your network

Here at Calendly, meetings are what we do. We help people get together because we know that no one can achieve greatness alone.

When you need top talent quickly, use your network to help you. Remember that great people make great impressions.

  • Ask members of your business association if they know anyone good

  • Start conversations at networking events and conferences

  • Offer referral incentives to employees

  • Create paid job ads on social media, then ask your contacts to share those ads

In recruiting, as in marketing, word-of-mouth works. Your opportunity enjoys more credibility when a top candidate hears about you from a friend or colleague. You get access to exciting talent that might not otherwise know about your opportunity—they might not even be looking.

2. Curate an inbound talent funnel

Chances are, you're already creating content as part of your marketing funnel. Start using the same strategy to drive qualified candidates to your company.

Create content about workplace culture, team building and other topics that reflect your company culture. Post it on your blog and on sites like LinkedIn, then encourage your contacts to share it.

3. Create job postings in advance

Job listings take time to generate results. If you're looking to fill a position right now, there's no way to speed up the process other than posting your listing on multiple sites and getting people to forward it.

To make your life easier in the future, create postings now for jobs you think might need filling soon. Maybe someone will be leaving their current position, possibly for a promotion, or an entirely new job is opening up. Either way, posting the job now gives you a chance to collect more resumés and have a larger pool of candidates.

4. Try people out as temps or freelancers

On average, the time to hire an employee is about 24 days. The higher the position, the longer it's going to take.

You can cut that time down dramatically by bringing someone on board in a less committed role, such as a temp employee or a freelancer. You get to see how they fit in with your company, and in the meantime, you're getting the help that you need.

5. Add hiring tasks to your schedule

When you have a position to fill, you need to up the ante on your schedule efficiency.

Block out a couple of hours to accomplish hiring tasks, and don't do anything else during that time. Delegate early-stage processes like resumé review and call screening to trusted members of your team.

Using Calendly to schedule your candidate interviews is another great way to keep your schedule focused. By managing interviews through Calendly, you can reduce time spent on the back-and-forth of interview scheduling and get back to the kind of high-level research and evaluation that only you can do.

6. Streamline your hiring process

Getting lean with your scheduling is only the start. To hire someone quickly, you'll need to tighten up everything about your recruiting process, from the text of your job postings to your interview timeline.

Calendly's scheduling tools can help here too. When you schedule an interview request with Calendly, you can add invitee questions for the candidate to answer; given the boom in offsite work, it's important to note, the same remote job interview questions are applicable here. Ask what you need to know first so you don't waste any time with the wrong candidate. And be sure to pay close attention to all interview request confirmation emails. They can be very telling.

7. Weed people out at every stage

From your interest form to the final in-person interview, every phase of your hiring process should allow you to filter out candidates. If you're not consistently starting the next phase with fewer candidates than you had before, ask yourself whether you need to ask better questions or even eliminate the prior phase.

8. Hire a recruiter

When you have to hire on a tight deadline, it's a smart business move to work with a recruiter. They're experts at filling positions fast. Plus, they have the resources to find the best people, and they know how to match a person to a job.

Just make sure they're on board with using Calendly for interview scheduling. Send them to us for a 14-day free trial, and if you're a new user, remember to sign up for one of your own.

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