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March 12, 2021
Creating Calendly

Then and now: Amanda Lynn's Calendly story

Spotlight Amanda Lynn

By Ashleigh Joyce

Amanda’s journey to Calendly is unique. She is one of the few who have been here from the beginning and watched Calendly grow from unknown start-up to household name, raking in $75 million dollars in revenue and counting.

Amanda was born and raised in Atlanta. She even went to college here at Georgia State University, where she decided to major in History and intended to go to law school. She now laughs when reflecting on her choice in major, but it was her master plan at the time.

Unfortunately for Amanda, the recession of 2008 impacted her plans and her options were super limited. “I just needed to get a job and I ended up temping at a small marketing agency who supported only one client. I remember being thrown into a chaotic environment where I constantly asked myself ‘what the heck is going on?’ I did that for a while before landing a job at Calendly.”

The beginning of her Calendly journey

Amanda started at Calendly on November 5, 2015 and was only the sixth person to join the company. “I literally reported to Tope, our Founder and CEO, and had my one-on-ones with him, so it was a once in a lifetime career opportunity and learning experience. I was brought in as a Quality Assurance Analyst and was the only technical support person, so [I had to learn quickly]. Eventually I evolved into what I am doing now, focusing on Product Management.”

Looking back on her previous work on Calendly’s product, it’s amazing to her to see how the product has evolved over time. “The very first thing I worked on within Product was the Calendly plug-in for Outlook back in 2015.”

Making her mark

But the pivotal moment where Amanda realized this was something big was when she worked on the Salesforce integration. “I was part of the [full end-to-end project]. It was the premiere feature on a new billing tier we were launching for high-paying customers. We all of the sudden had people paying $8 per month to $12 per month, which resulted in significant growth after that.”

Fast forward to countless features and integrations later, with a $3 billion dollar valuation, and things are drastically different at Calendly. “Aside from the typical growing pains that come with significant growth, I’d say one of the challenges I’ve had to navigate is how to build confidence in myself and my skills and stand on my own in my role. While challenging, it has been so rewarding; I’ve emerged as an expert and gained a ton of confidence in my knowledge and skills.”

Working for a household name

What is Amanda most excited about now, seeing all the change over the years? “[It is so cool to see] how we have really built a presence and awareness of who Calendly is. It is humbling to watch us become more of a household name as more and more people realize the value of the problems we are trying to solve for our customers."

What Calendly has become was beyond Amanda’s expectations, and she is looking forward to enjoying the ride for the years to come.


Ashleigh Joyce

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