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November 11, 2020

The Top 5 Things People Automated with Calendly and Zapier in 2020

Top 5 Zaps between Zapier and Calendly in 2020

By Adam Lambert

As the most popular scheduling tool on the market, Calendly has seen a major increase in both usage and adoption in 2020.

Many new customers are just trying to learn the ropes of scheduling software, and chose Calendly because of its simplicity.

But there are also power users—people who use Calendly nearly every day—who are looking for new ways to connect Calendly to other apps for a more seamless workflow.

Zapier, the most renowned tool for making these sort of software connections, keeps a self-updating chart of the most popular connections for Calendly.

Here’s what that chart looks like as of the writing of this article in late 2020.

Zapier Top 5 Calendly Zaps

Zapier calls these connections “zaps”, and as you can see, they’re simple shortcuts people want for their personal workflows. 

We’ll cover all five of these popular zaps below.

Create Zoom meetings for new Calendly events

In 2020, the amount of remote meetings has skyrocketed.

Businesses, schools, and organizations of all types have moved from meeting in-person to meeting on video chat.

Most people have now been on a Zoom call regardless of what industry they’re in, and even more are now doing their jobs remotely, meeting exclusively on Zoom.

For this reason, it’s an amazing convenience for the Zoom meeting URL to be waiting in the calendar invite for both you and your guest. 

Integrating the video chat URL directly into the calendar invite makes it easier on everyone.

However, this doesn’t require a zap—at least not anymore.

Since 2018, Calendly has had a direct integration with Zoom, meaning you can grant permissions for these apps to talk, and you’ll be able to access Zoom meeting URLs right from your calendar.

Easy peasy.

That said, if you need an extra step, like creating a customer in a CRM after the meeting is booked, Zapier is the tool for you.

If you decide to use the Zapier route for these extra advantages, you can find perfect instructions here.

Add or Update ActiveCampaign Contacts for New Calendly Invitees

If you live and breathe Calendly, it’s likely there’s another software (or two) that you’re using on a daily basis.

People in Sales or Marketing, for instance, use CRM tools for campaign and deal management. Keeping that data fresh can be a challenge, especially when everything starts with that Calendly meeting.

If you’re an ActiveCampaign user, you can trigger a zap to add new contacts—or update existing ones—when a calendly meeting is scheduled.

That way, you'll be sure your leads are up to date before meetings without any extra effort on your part.

You'll need map the contact info collected in Calendly to ActiveCampaign so Zapier knows where to shuttle that data.

You can see just how simple it is.

ActiveCampaign Calendly

After you turn it on, every new Calendly meeting will create a matching contact in ActiveCampaign.

You can go here to set up the zap.

Or, if you’re an ActiveCampaign expert, there’s a deeper article on Calendly here.

Create Google Calendar events from new Calendly events

When someone schedules a meeting with you via Calendly, it will immediately reflect in your connected calendar.

That means, if you used your Gmail to sign up for Calendly, then it’ll automatically show up in your Google calendar for that account.

However, if you’re wanting the event to show on another, shared calendar, setting up this zap makes sense.

It’s really simple, and you can set it up here.

A unique but popular use case for Zapier and Calendly.

Get a Slack Notification when a Calendly meeting is scheduled

At Calendly, we use Slack all day long to communicate with individuals and teams.

We're big Slack fans.

If you’re like us, a Slack notification can be a powerful reminder, or even a pleasant surprise, for an upcoming event.

To get a personalized message in Slack when someone schedules a meeting or call with you on Calendly, you’ll need to set up this zap.

You’ll need to choose the channel you want to message, and turn the zap on (see screenshot).

Slack notification for Calendly

Alternatively, you can click “Go to advanced mode” and customize the Slack message. 

That way, each time a new meeting is scheduled through your Calendly link, your team will get a friendly heads up in chat.

Here's a screenshot to show you.

Slack Screenshot 2 Calendly

If you and your team are big on Slack, this might just be the perfect Calendly zap to set up.

Create a row on Google Sheets for each scheduled Calendly event

If you went to business school, and even if you didn’t, you may feel most comfortable in spreadsheets.

Say you’ve had a great week of meetings, and now it’s time to report back to the team.

You can go back through your notes and calendar to try and remember them all, or you could let Zapier do that work for you.

If you’ve got a spreadsheet where you keep track of new Calendly invitees (and perhaps some of their information), you can automate this with a zap straight from Calendly.

To create a new row in Google sheets from Calendly, you’ll first need to set up your Google Sheet with column headers like name, email address, date, and any other info you want from your invitees.

Then, you can use this zap to connect your new Google Sheet to Calendly.

You'll use the dropdowns to map Calendly data to your columns in Google Sheet, like you see below.

Google Sheets Calendly new meeting

This is a blueprint for what you want Zapier to do with every new invitee.

How easy is that?

Make Calendly Part of Your Workflow

Calendly is one of the most powerful business tools released in the last few years. It helps people curb administrative work that can bog down anyone’s day.

By introducing Calendly into your workflow, you improve the customer’s overall experience, and the way you spend your time.

It’s a win-win.

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