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ProductivityPutting your mental health first in 2020

Some of our best tips for managing your mental state while working through tough times.

ProductivityVideo: Recommendations for Small Businesses from Mailchimp Discussion Panel

Learn how other small business owners are using Calendly to rock 2020.

Tips and GuidesWhat are external meetings?

Unlike internal meetings, external meetings are the ones you have with individuals or groups...

Tips and GuidesTake Your Fitness Routine to the Next Level With These Personal Trainer Apps

Quick question: what’s the hardest part of staying in shape?

Best PracticesHow to Host a Webinar

Whether your work has you interacting with current customers or prospects who are interested..

Hiring & RecruitingHow to Customize Your Interview Questions for Remote Workers

Some people thrive as remote employees. They’re independently motivated and can get...

Tips and Guides6 Great Work Schedule Apps

Now that many of us are working remotely, schedules can be even more difficult to map out.

Best Practices7 Best Free Online Calendars

Paper calendars just aren’t enough for most people anymore. Even basic digital calendars can’t...

Tips and GuidesAre you answering Interviews the wrong way?

You update and polish your resume. You research every hiring company and tailor your cover letter.

Tips and GuidesThe Ultimate Apple Calendar Guide

You might not know it if you haven’t always been a Mac user, but not everyone gets...

Sales + MarketingWhat Is Market Segmentation and How Do I Make It Work for Me?

If you could sit down and have one-on-one conversations with every customer, marketing would be easy

Best PracticesHow big shots manage their time and really get stuff done

As builders of a scheduling tool, it’s no surprise that time management is our top priority.

Tips and GuidesChanging Your Way of Tackling Work’s Toughest Challenges

To solve a big problem, you need a big idea. You need principles of psychology, sociology...

Best PracticesVideo: Getting Started with Calendly

Watch this 25-minute training video to hit the ground running with Calendly's core functionality.

Best PracticesEven a little "aha" goes a long way. An Intro to Customer Onboarding

You pitched the sale. You shook the hands. Now it's time to deliver on the solution.

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