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May 01, 2020
Customer Stories

How Stanley Steemer hit its aggressive recruiting goals

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By Calendly

Kristen and Casey are the two Stanley Steemer recruiters for all branches across the United States. Every branch needs anywhere from 10 to 60 technicians, which means they have to source a lot of applicants to keep over 2,000 positions filled.

Organization: Stanley Steemer

Location: Dublin, Ohio


Sourcing more while automating screening

When Stanley Steemer is trying to fill a technician position at one of its branches, bringing in as many candidates to interview as possible is a top objective. Before using Calendly, Kristen and Casey would personally call each applicant to schedule a group interview. After coordinating calendars between the local branch manager and the interviewee, they had to add the candidate to the event, then send an email confirmation and reminders.

This only gave them the bandwidth to serve five branches’ hiring needs at any given time. They needed a more efficient way to funnel candidates. When Stanley Steemer started using Calendly, it was able to quit playing catch-up and actually get ahead of its recruiting goals.

Empowering candidates to schedule their own interview

Kristen and Casey send a Calendly link via email to interested candidates. Each candidate signs up for a group interview to be conducted at their local branch and receives a confirmation email as well as reminders before the interview. It syncs to the candidate’s personal calendar as well as the branch manager’s calendar with automatic time zone detection, and no one misses an interview or wastes time with constant emails and phone calls.

Kristen and Casey went from scheduling 200+ interviewees to over 11,000 a month with Calendly.

By empowering the applicant to schedule a group interview as soon as they’ve applied, Kristen and Casey can now capture top candidates at their exact moment of interest.

“Calendly is maximizing our time and efforts, and it’s fantastic!”

Implementing one simple tool allowed Stanley Steemer to ramp up its productivity overnight with minimal investment and no additional training. Stanley Steemer has scheduled over 58,000 interviewees with Calendly in 5 months.



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