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Sarah Henning

Sarah Henning
Sep. 19, 2022


You depend on Salesforce to be your source of truth, but it’s only as good as the data it contains. And since the dawn of CRMs, managers and system admins have struggled to get users to make updates. 

Poor data quality costs businesses about $700 billion a year. Part of that cost is because sales reps spend 21% of their time researching incomplete data.

Let Calendly update your Salesforce data automatically with meeting and invitee information. You’ll love that Salesforce records are always accurate: No more chasing down your reps with last-minute questions. Your sales team will love using the integration to reduce admin hassle and get back more selling time. 

With Calendly meetings part of your Salesforce data, you can gain reporting insights to learn how meetings affect your sales cycle.


Why integrate Calendly with your Salesforce CRM

A scheduling automation platform known for its easy user experience, Calendly takes the work out of updating Salesforce so your team can hit your revenue goals faster. With the Calendly + Salesforce integration, when Calendly meetings are scheduled or canceled, you’ll automatically create new events (or update existing events) on any Salesforce object. Other functionality includes: 

  • Easy mapping: Map information gathered in the booking flow to relevant fields in Salesforce, so your team can see all the information they need without switching tabs 

  • Activity tracking: Track and measure activity from Calendly by campaign, time period, meeting type, rep, or other fields

  • Transparency: View upcoming and past meetings from your activity feed 

  • Customization as needed: Customize the integration within Salesforce to align with your current process and customized Salesforce instance

Customers like Lyft, Conductor, and Bitly have successfully used the integration to streamline their sales funnels and improve data hygiene. 

Learn how to integrate your Salesforce and Calendly accounts now!

How Lyft uses the Salesforce + Calendly integration

Lyft’s small-business solutions (SBS) program works with companies that offer ridesharing as a perk. But the program proved so popular that Lyft had to find a more efficient way to sort through all their inbound leads.

They hired more SDRs to sort initial queries and qualify potential leads. Then Lyft put the whole SBS team on a Calendly account, integrated it with Salesforce, and had their revamped system up and running in less than a day. 

Now SDRs screen new prospects, who are invited to answer a few basic questions on Lyft’s Calendly page. Handy integration features push everything through to Salesforce, even answers to the questionnaire. Then the leads are invited to schedule meetings with specialists via Calendly link, making it easy for the leads to pick the most convenient time for them. 

Through the integration, the Calendly meetings and lead activity are logged in Salesforce automatically.

The result? “We are able to take more meetings, that’s for sure,” says Alexia, head of Lyft’s SBS program. “The specialists know exactly who they are talking to and are able to see all the information for that prospect before the call.” 

Connect Calendly, then customize

Salesforce’s pipeline reporting and forecasting are only useful if data is accurate, thorough, and up to date. Meeting details are one of the easiest things to forget to put in, especially quick calls or video conferences scheduled on the fly. Some scheduling tools advertise compatibility with Salesforce, but Calendly has a native integration, meaning less work and faster adoption for your team. 

The Salesforce integration, which is included in Calendly’s Teams and Enterprise plans, improves your data hygiene by reducing friction for sales reps. You also get easier access to prospect and customer information, and more knowledge about how your sales meeting cadences are working. 

Screen image of Calendly meeting Event Type embedded in Salesforce activity record

Right out of the box, the integration offers stellar functionality. As Calendly meetings are created or canceled, you can automatically:

  • Create leads and events

  • Check for matching records so no duplicates are created

  • View upcoming Calendly events from your Salesforce record’s open activities

  • Track canceled and rescheduled events for individual invitees

  • Report on activity sourced by Calendly

Get all the details on default behavior here.

Get started with Calendly’s Salesforce integration

Calendly's Salesforce integration is designed to improve your data transparency, accuracy, and control. The sooner you set up the connection, the sooner you can benefit! 

How to install the Salesforce integration package: 

  1. Go to your Integrations page and select “Salesforce”

  2. Select “Go to setup”

  3. Authenticate your Salesforce account

  4. Install the Calendly package from the link in Step 2

How to customize the package

Calendly's package is completely customizable. Once you install the package, you can make changes to the default flows to suit your needs. Some popular customizations include:

  • Customize the flow to update accounts, contacts, cases, opportunities or any custom object you work with, or to automate tasks for your team to help them prep for their meeting

  • Filter the flow to only trigger on certain conditions, such as event type or user

  • Map invitee responses in Calendly to fields in Salesforce, such as company name and size

  • Add conditional logic to support Sales meetings differently from Marketing or Customer Success meetings 

How to schedule a Calendly meeting without leaving Salesforce 

You can add custom buttons to your Salesforce page layouts, which let you schedule a Calendly meeting on behalf of your customers, or trigger an email with your Calendly link to send directly from Salesforce. And unlike some add-on scheduling tools, Calendly lets you share scheduling links that let any prospect to book time with you automatically.

Zero-hassle automation your sales team will love

Salesforce is an amazing tool that users agree is important … but most users also admit they don’t update as often (or as thoroughly) as they should. Manually updating your CRM takes time, and can be a hassle for sales reps who may not see what’s in it for them. 

When CRM fields are left empty or data isn’t up to date, you’re not getting maximum ROI for Salesforce. Worse yet, your sales team wastes time researching incomplete records, slowing down your sales funnel, obscuring valuable reporting insights, and impacting your bottom line. 

Let Calendly help you build a 360-degree view of your prospects and customers. The Calendly + Salesforce integration is customizable, and easy to connect and use. And there are more functionalities to come, as Calendly is actively developing more capabilities to help you take the work out of lead and CRM management! 

Conversion Panel Background Shape

Get started with Calendly

Ready to make your scheduling process more efficient?

Sarah Henning

Sarah Henning

Sarah is a Managing Editor at Calendly, the perfect home for her obsession with words and compulsion to organize. Hobbies include spoiling her rescue dog and soaking up Nashville's live music scene.


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