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June 01, 2020
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How to offer maximum availability

New Round Robin Hero

By Calendly

Calendly’s round robin feature streamlines scheduling by routing an invitee to any available team member. This increases the chances of your invitee finding a convenient time. It’s great for connecting:

  • leads with a sales rep for discovery calls and demos

  • existing customers with a member of the support or account management team

  • candidates with a recruiter or hiring manager for phone screenings

  • and more!

In the past, round robin events could be optimized for availability or priority. To align with more workflows, round robin now offers the option to equally distribute meetings across team members.

You can still provide the best experience to your invitees by offering maximum availability, while giving the members of your team equal opportunities. By optimizing for equal distribution, no team member will get too far ahead of others—Calendly can now take care of this automatically.

With the optimize for equal distribution setting, Calendly will monitor how many events are assigned to each individual. If someone on your team has been assigned significantly more meetings than the rest of the team, their availability will be hidden from the scheduling page until others catch up.

Round Robin Distribution

It’s easy to set up in your round robin event types. You’ll find it under the dropdown at the top of the “Team Members & Location” section of your round robin event type—just select “Optimize for Equal Distribution.”



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