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Thad Thompson

Thad Thompson
July 01, 2022

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There’s a problem with using cold emails to make connections: It doesn’t work well. 

People are overwhelmed with emails. The average person gets over 100 emails every day, opens just 24% of them, and clicks on less than 3%. Factor in shrinking attention spans, and it’s difficult to be heard above the noise — much less get someone to schedule a meeting with you.

But there's a bright spot: While most people skim written content, they stay engaged with video.

That's where Quicki comes in.

What is Quicki?

Quicki is a video messaging platform that makes it easy to record, send, and receive video messages from any device — no apps or downloads required. Video messaging is a novel email alternative that lets you use tone, body language, and expressions to make more personal connections asynchronously.

Quicki makes it easy to get more attention from prospects, customers, and job candidates using video. Just make a recording on your webcam or phone, and you can deliver a message right to someone’s screen. Your recipients can put a face to the name and strengthen that initial connection.

Calendly + Quicki

Quicki’s integration with Calendly lets you record and send expressive video messages with a scheduling widget automatically embedded, combining the persuasive power of video with the convenience of instant scheduling. Your meeting invitations feel more personalized and engaging while eliminating the back-and-forth coordinating. That means you can make better connections faster.

Quicki makes it easy to get more attention from prospects, customers, and job candidates using video.
Combine Quicki video messages and Calendly scheduling automation to create personal, engaging connections asynchronously with prospects, customers, and candidates.

Improve team performance with Calendly + Quicki

Attaching your scheduling widget to a video message creates an interesting, engaging outreach method that makes Sales, Customer Success, and Recruiting teams more productive.

Sales closes more deals

Quicki’s video messaging and Calendly’s scheduling automation improve prospect outreach engagement and efficiency at the same time. By swapping cold emails for video messages, each salesperson can create a unique, personalized first impression that highlights their — and your company’s — unique personality and value proposition. 

Sales reps can build on that human connection with embedded scheduling that lets prospects schedule a meeting with a few clicks, without any back-and-forth communication. What’s more, reps can include custom notes and links to support their outreach efforts. With Quicki and Calendly, your sales team delivers an enhanced customer experience with your product or service that increases the likelihood prospects want to schedule a meeting.

5 ways Calendly + Quicki makes prospect scheduling easier and more engaging

Video outreach and automated scheduling help you capture prospects’ attention, stand out from competitors, and ultimately close more deals. 

1. Engage new prospects

Stand out from traditional sales emails and increase the chances of scheduling a meeting by engaging prospects with a personalized video message. You can even post video messages to social media along with your availability.

2. Share demos

Share a product demo or answer a prospect's question in a video message, while giving them the option to schedule a meeting for further details.

3. Re-engage cold prospects

Renew interest in your product or service with an engaging, personalized video message to cold prospects and let them book a meeting while you have their attention.

4. Schedule follow-up meetings

If you want to schedule a follow-up meeting, send prospects a video message after the initial meeting thanking them for their time and include your Calendly scheduling widget.

5. Share customer testimonials.

Ask loyal customers to record their own video message about your product to share with new prospects.

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Customer Success better supports and retains customers

The Calendly + Quicki integration lets Customer Success teams create recorded videos answering common customer questions that include a Calendly link, ready to send to inquiring customers. They can choose to record their faces or even their screens to show exactly how to solve a problem or demonstrate a new feature. If customers need more clarification, they can simply schedule a time for a video chat using the embedded Calendly widget. 

By providing video support, Customer Success teams not only differentiate customer communication. They also provide a level of personal connection that can’t be conveyed through email or text messaging. Video messaging also saves valuable time by cutting down on unnecessary real-time meetings — often, a recorded video message is exactly what the customer needs.

6 ways Calendly + Quicki creates happy customers 

Combining Quicki and Calendly helps you transform scheduling interactions into opportunities to give your customers more face time — and strengthen customers’ connection with your product.

1. Scheduling onboarding meetings

Welcome customers to your platform or service with a personalized video message.

2. Answering support tickets

Answer tickets through video and include a Calendly link for further personalized support.

3. Winning over upset customers

Send upset customers a warm, personalized video message to turn around their perception of your company. 

4. Upsells and renewals

Send video messages that demo new features with the option to schedule time to chat further.

5. Account management

When it's time for an account review or customer check-in, send a warm greeting with the option to schedule time to meet. 

6. Cancellations

Follow up on service cancellations by sending customers a video message thanking them. Ask if they’re open to scheduling some time to discuss why they canceled. Former customers may be willing to accept your offer to meet — and you may be able to win them back.

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Recruiters land more candidates 

In today’s candidate-driven market, recruiters must go above and beyond to land top candidates before their competitors. In-demand candidates have the flexibility to choose the roles they want. They may be reluctant to make a move if they don’t feel a strong connection with your company throughout the recruitment process.

The Calendly + Quicki integration helps recruiters build authentic connections with candidates from the first interaction, while making it easier to sync schedules for screenings, interviews, and follow-up sessions. Your team can create an engaging recruiting cycle that holds candidates’ attention and increases the likelihood of them accepting your offer. 

4 ways Calendly + Quicki builds stronger connections with candidates

Quicki’s video messaging and Calendly’s automated scheduling helps you get the attention of top candidates and start the interview process more quickly.

1. Sourcing candidates

Research has shown that emails with a video link have a 3x higher reply rate compared to regular emails. Capture the attention of top candidates by sending a video message through LinkedIn or email with your embedded Calendly link. 

2. Scheduling interviews

Jumping on a Zoom call with someone you’ve never met can be awkward. Video messaging lets you introduce yourself and break the ice before meeting.

3. Presenting offers

Even after a great interview, candidates can be uncertain about their application status for a position. If you're planning to make an offer and need to schedule a conversation to present it, you can build excitement with a warm video message saying you are excited for a follow-up conversation with some good news. This approach keeps candidates' attention on your company when they may be considering other offers.

4. Rejection notes

Don’t send a cold, automated email to candidates who didn’t land the role. Instead, have your recruiting manager send a personalized video message. It creates a better perception of your company — especially for candidates who might be a good fit for future roles.

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How to get started with Calendly + Quicki

Combining the expressive, persuasive power of video in Quicki with the convenience of Calendly’s scheduling automation helps Sales, Customer Support, and Recruiting teams deliver a more engaging customer experience:

  • Sales teams create a more efficient and personalized buyer’s journey.

  • Customer Success teams help more customers without sacrificing a personal connection. 

  • Recruiters provide a modern candidate experience that attracts top talent from around the world.

Best of all, it’s easy to get started. Try out Calendly + Quicki today to include scheduling links in video messages that you can share with anyone. And if you enjoy using Quicki, sign up for a free account to manage all your video messages in one place.

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Thad Thompson

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