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June 03, 2020
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Calendly Integration

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By Calendly

Whether you use Windows Live, Hotmail or another email provider with, you can connect your Microsoft calendar your Calendly availability.


Simply click “Connect your Calendar” from your Calendly account menu and select Office 365/ to authenticate and you are all set. Calendly will begin reading your availability—based on your calendar events—right away.


Now, all your calendar events and existing conflicts will automatically be reflected in your Calendly availability when it’s shown to invitees. Double-booking solved!

Connect your calendar now

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Introducing Calendly for Slack

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New Calendly Integration: Microsoft Teams

Integrate Calendly + Microsoft Teams to automatically add your conference details to every meeting.

Calendly’s Chrome Extension

Share your availability to enhance scheduling for you and your invitees inside your Chrome browser.

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