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May 31, 2020
Product Updates

Show invitees a single calendar view to quickly find the time that works best


By Calendly

With over 2 million users (and growing!), we know Calendly makes it simpler for millions of people to find a time to meet. And, we know Calendly’s scheduling experience is a key part of your customer’s journey. We’re committed to making finding a time to meet as easy as possible for you and the people you’re inviting.

Today, we’re excited to announce a new scheduling page design, that’s making it even simpler for your invitees to successfully set up a time with you.

Our new calendar page maintains what our users told us they love—a simple scheduling experience that anyone can use—and has redesigned the look to give invitees a view of your monthly and daily availability on the same screen. Now, instead of the circles, days are displayed in a familiar month view. We’ve also consolidated steps so that choosing a day and time happens on the same page. This makes it easy to find the right time to meet, meaning less time spent scheduling and happier invitees.

Listening to our users to deliver the best invitee experience

We know we’re only as successful as our users. To create this new scheduling page, our Product team started by listening to you, our customers. We read feedback and spoke with current users to collect your ideas. When considering customer feedback, our Product team is always looking to hear both your thoughts and the “why” behind it. We loved your observation that our scheduling experience could be made even simpler, and we loved that you wanted the scheduling process to be as delightful as possible for your invitees.

Armed with your feedback, our designers, product managers and engineers went to work bringing it to life. Our Head of UX, Felix Hu, captured it best when he said, “My favorite part about this is the collaboration. We’re collaborating externally with our customers and internally with designers, product managers and engineers, so that we can deliver something new and valuable to our users.”

Our team decided to keep the stylistic changes limited. The scheduling flow is largely unchanged, but your invitees now see a full month view, instead of a 7-day “circle view.” We heard enthusiastic feedback in our research and in beta-testing. Invitees love that they can schedule a time to meet in fewer clicks, and our Calendly users told us they’re thrilled to be able to offer clients an even easier way to set up a meeting.

The simple interface and the fact that all the information’s displayed at one time makes it really helpful.

Beta User

Now, we’ve started rolling this out across all of Calendly so that everyone can benefit! Expect to see your updated scheduling page over the next few weeks, if you haven’t already.

Curious about what else we heard from you and where we’re planning to go next? With millions of meetings scheduled every year through Calendly, we’ve seen that there are countless ways to schedule successfully. This refresh to your scheduling page is the first step in some exciting changes that will give you even more choice around how and where your guests select a time to meet with you.

Want to share your own product feedback? Reach out to our team at Make sure to tell us what you’d love and why you need it.



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