How to leverage the Calendly integration with HubSpot to close more deals


Hilary Yeganegi

Hilary Yeganegi
Jan. 25, 2022

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Taking the time to create and foster meaningful relationships with your customers and prospects can make or break your bottom line. Every minute spent updating your CRM means less time for closing deals and building customer relationships.

The Calendly integration with HubSpot eliminates manual data entry, automatically syncing critical customer meeting details and ensuring teams always have access to real-time data. 

Consider this integration a goodbye to messages like “Had your email typed in wrong — sorry!” or sticky notes littering your desk with reminders to schedule follow-up meetings.


Powerful automation with Calendly + HubSpot

Calendly is your hub for scheduling meetings professionally and efficiently, eliminating the hassle of back-and-forth emails so you can get back to work. The Calendly integration with HubSpot automatically updates your sales CRM whenever a contact interacts with a Calendly meeting, allowing teams to increase their sales velocity and close more deals while gathering lead intelligence.

Alex Smith, a marketing and advertising professional, says the integration is “great to log and link all the Calendly data together” and it “saves hours of administration, as having up-to-date information about previous meetings is so helpful for generating follow-up campaigns with leads.”

Calendly Booking page for a 30-minute sales call

Here’s how marketing, sales, and customer success teams at large and small companies can automate customer record management and close more deals using the Calendly integration with HubSpot.

Eliminate manual processes

This integration with the HubSpot CRM eliminates manual processes in a few ways — users can automatically turn scheduled meetings into accurate contact records, and they can incorporate Calendly meeting links into automated sales follow-up and prospecting workflows. Adding leads to your funnel as soon as they express interest helps create engagement right off the bat, increasing the likelihood they’ll stick around. 

Here’s how it works — when a contact schedules a meeting with your team through a Calendly link, Calendly references HubSpot to verify their email address and either creates a new contact or updates the existing record with a new activity. 

Track the complete customer journey

Using the Calendly HubSpot integration, it’s easy to create contacts and activities in HubSpot when meetings are scheduled, and update them when meetings are rescheduled or canceled.

Calendly helps you automatically generate a complete activity history for every contact that can be used to influence future outreach or to score and qualify leads.

Enrich contact profiles

Information collected from customer questions is automatically added to new HubSpot contacts. This lead intelligence can surface bigger patterns and trends to guide sales strategy and marketing efforts.

Features that power effective sales and marketing conversations

Integrating Calendly and HubSpot helps customer-facing teams focus their time on improving buyer and customer relationships. From sales demos to webinars to onboarding calls, integrating Calendly to automatically sync with HubSpot is an efficiency slam dunk.

Joe Turner, a sports instructor, uses Calendly and HubSpot for student management. “Since HubSpot captures each meeting from Calendly, it creates new contacts for first-time lessons or updates existing contacts with the meeting activity. Automatically! I can then go in and add notes for my students and communicate those notes through logged email correspondence,” Turner says. 

"Taking any manual requirement out means fewer errors. Having calendar events post accurately lets me look at trends and trust what I'm seeing."

Here’s how marketing, sales, and customer experience teams can begin automating their scheduling processes using the Calendly integration with HubSpot.

Engage high-intent leads in real time

Sales and marketing team members can use this integration to capture a lead's attention and schedule meetings at the right moment for maximum conversion potential. Being able to present a meeting booking tool immediately allows you to engage with your best leads in real-time and when they are at the peak of their interest in your company — making it easy for leads to engage and convert.

With the integration, Calendly creates a complete history of every new contact and meeting, then syncs new contacts and activities into HubSpot once a meeting is scheduled. Implementing sales automation tools like HubSpot Sequences gives your team time back to focus on developing relationships with prospects. 

Calendly works with many other tools in your sales stack, including Zoom, MailChimp, Slack, and more, so you can reduce the friction of meeting management and do prospect follow-up in a few clicks.

Using Calendly links in prospect nurturing and marketing emails goes hand-in-hand with inbound marketing methodology — offering prospects helpful experiences like thoughtful demos, sales conversations, and customer success training opportunities. Inbound sales and marketing efforts are made exponentially more effective when they’re easy, comfortable, and intuitive for your audience.

Maintain an accurate, living CRM database automatically to visualize the customer journey

When leads schedule or edit meetings, contacts and activity logs are automatically created and updated. This will help your team to better understand a customer's journey and maintain your CRM as the ultimate source of truth for all customer-facing teams.

Providing the best ongoing account support means you will always know when the team last met with a customer and the purpose of that meeting. Better meeting information in HubSpot helps teams proactively schedule with their accounts for check-ins, upgrades, and renewals, allowing them to confidently support more customers and drive retention.

Design custom prospect questions to collect strategic sales insights

Being able to ask your leads custom information can give your sales team insight into your prospect’s needs. Information will automatically sync to HubSpot custom properties, so they can be reported on or mapped to other fields.

Additionally, you can improve lead conversion from your website and emails by creating event types in Calendly that allow users to schedule with you when they’re most ready to connect or make a decision. When leads are assigned to your sales team, add the meeting to their calendar and a HubSpot contact will be created and updated.

Example of a Hubspot/Calendly workflow: if a meeting name contains "Calendly," copy contact property X into Y

Incorporate shared data in HubSpot workflows

Workflows solve countless headaches and frustrating manual processes for marketing, sales, and customer success teams with just a bit of help from automation, triggers, and branching logic. 

Using Calendly data in HubSpot workflows, teams can:

  • Add contacts to lists when they express certain interests or ask about specific features

  • Send segmented marketing campaigns or sales follow-ups based on website actions, engagement with emails, or event registrations

  • Remind contacts about promotions or timely deals

  • Make migrations and technical processes smoother

Example of a Calendly Scheduled Lead in Hubspot

How do I get started?

To set up the Calendly + HubSpot integration for your organization, you’ll need to be an administrator or owner of your team’s Calendly Pro (or higher) account. Visit your integrations page and select HubSpot to connect and authenticate.

Here's how to upgrade your account.

Need more help installing the HubSpot integration? Read our help center article to learn more about integrating Calendly with HubSpot.

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Hilary Yeganegi

Hilary Yeganegi

Hilary is a Partner Marketing Manager with Calendly. She's based in Atlanta, Georgia.


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