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Integrate Calendly + HubSpot to close more deals

Calendly, June 02, 2020

Marketing, sales and success teams do their most meaningful work when they’re meeting with customers. Because every minute spent updating a CRM is less time spent closing deals and building customer relationships, most of us choose to delay it, sometimes forgetting it altogether. Calendly’s integration with HubSpot helps your whole organization work more effectively and ensures you always have the most updated information in your CRM.

Integrating Calendly and HubSpot allows you to:

  • Help your team focus on their most important work by eliminating manual data entry

  • Ensure your customer data is always accurate by automatically syncing the critical details from every meeting to your CRM

  • Always have access to real-time data so you can build complete relationship records to help drive better decision making

What can the integration do?

  • Create leads and contacts

  • Create and update activities when meetings are booked or changed

  • Map custom questions responses to the HubSpot contact

Powerful automation with Calendly + HubSpot

Add leads to your funnel as soon as they express interest. 

Turn scheduled meetings into accurate contact records. When an invitee schedules a meeting with your team through a Calendly link, Calendly references HubSpot to verify their email address and either creates a new lead or contact or updates the existing record with a new activity. 

Track and report on the complete customer journey. 

Calendly helps you automatically generate a complete activity history for every contact. Meetings scheduled through Calendly sync to HubSpot as activities and are assigned to the contact in HubSpot. Keep your activity history up to date by updating the HubSpot activity if the Calendly meeting is canceled or rescheduled.

Enrich contact profiles to inform and streamline your sales cycle. 

Gather lead intelligence when scheduling with Calendly and use it to enrich your system of record. Responses to custom invitee questions included in your Calendly scheduling page sync to custom fields on the lead or contact in HubSpot.

How will my team benefit?

Integrating Calendly and HubSpot helps customer-facing teams focus their time on improving buyer and customer relationships. From sales demos to on-boarding calls and webinars to customer interviews, integrating Calendly to automatically sync your HubSpot contact details is an efficiency slam dunk. Curious how other teams are leveraging this integration? Here are a few examples.

Calendly + HubSpot for marketing

Improve lead conversion from your website, emails and more by creating event types in Calendly that allow users to schedule with you at the peak of their interest. Automatically assign leads to your sales team, add the meeting to their calendar and create a HubSpot leads, contact and activity. 

Embed Calendly in your website to create a simple scheduling experience that converts leads right from that page and send them into a marketing workflow.. Custom invitee questions will sync back to HubSpot, providing marketing and sales better intelligence to  improve lead generation. Run more accurate reports and analyses to discover more meaningful findings in your data.

Calendly + HubSpot for sales

Update new leads, contacts, and activities immediately in HubSpot when a lead schedules a meeting. Improve data integrity for every opportunity and help sales leadership see how opportunities are progressing. With the integration, Calendly creates a complete history of every new contact and meeting in Calendly, automatically

Integrate Calendly with many other tools in your sales stack, including Zoom, GoToMeeting, and more, so you have more successful meetings every time.

Calendly + HubSpot for customer experience (CX)

Provide the best ongoing account support because you will always know when the team last met with a customer and the purpose of that meeting. Whenever someone new schedules a meeting, their contact is automatically added to the company in HubSpot. Better meeting information in HubSpot helps teams proactively schedule with their accounts for check-ins, upgrades and renewals, allowing them to confidently support more customers and drive retention.

How do I get started?

To setup the Calendly + HubSpot integration for your organization, you’ll need to be an administrator or owner of your team’s Calendly Pro account. Visit your integrations page and select HubSpot to connect and authenticate. For information on how to upgrade your account, please visit the help center.

Need more help installing the HubSpot integration? Read our help center article to learn more about integrating Calendly with HubSpot.

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