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Motherly advice from Calendly employees

Katie Assoian, May 07, 2021

It’s no secret that the lessons we learned from our mothers or throughout motherhood helped shape us into the people we are today. In honor of Mother’s Day, I asked some of our Calendlians to share a life lesson they either learned from their mother or throughout their journey in motherhood. Get ready to feel inspired by the helpful motherly advice!

Be empathetic always

Mothers Day Katie Assoian

“When I was a child, my mother always made an effort to emphasize the importance of being empathetic, as you truly never know what is going on in someone else’s life. She always mentioned how important it was to put yourself in someone else’s shoes before assuming something of someone, and I have carried that life lesson with me in both my personal and professional life.”

- Katie Assoian, Employer Brand Specialist

Everything is a phase

Mothers Day Nicci Arsenault

“One lesson I learned through motherhood is that everything is a phase. Meaning the tough times don’t last, but neither do the good ones, so embracing the good ones and being present is key!”

- Nicci Arsenault, Principal People Partner

Smile big

Mothers Day Akiko Watson

“Even though my mother and grandmother aren't quite smiling here, each of these ladies taught me to smile big. They all exude joy. They all have their own unique sweet laughs and love to joke around. It's their happiness and kindness I aspire to every day.”

- Akiko Watson, Senior Product Specialist

Roll with the punches

Mothers Day Stephanie Ladden

“A life lesson I learned during motherhood is nothing will ever be perfect or the way you expect it to be, and I have learned to accept that being a mom!”

- Stephanie Ladden, Manager, Technical Recruiting

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Katie Assoian biography
Katie Assoian

Katie Assoian is Employer Brand Specialist at Calendly working from Alpharetta, GA. Some of the things she loves to do in her free time: Baking, binge watching reality TV, spending time with family, and planning her next travel excursion.

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