Using Calendly

Using Calendly

New mobile updates put more Calendly features in your pocket


Ashish Joy

Ashish Joy
July 11, 2022

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Sharing your calendar, rescheduling meetings, updating when you’re available to meet — your scheduling needs don’t disappear when you’re away from your computer. 

With the latest round of updates to Calendly’s mobile apps, it’s even easier to automate scheduling wherever you go.

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Get more mobile scheduling flexibility with Calendly 

Calendly is constantly evolving to meet your scheduling needs, and the latest improvements to our mobile apps add more of the features and flexibility you’re used to in the desktop version. Whether you're on iOS or Android, now you have all the functionality you rely on to schedule meetings and grow your business right in your pocket.

Expanded options for sharing your availability

You never know who you'll meet while you’re out and about. A random conversation can lead to a meeting request, whether you’re attending a conference or even in line to get coffee. And when you have a chance encounter, timing is everything. That quick interaction can be the difference between starting a new deal or missing an opportunity. 

Copying and pasting scheduling links on mobile can be an error-prone process on mobile devices (depending on your dexterity and how many apps you have open). It also costs valuable moments when you’re trying to talk to someone face-to-face. Calendly saves you time and frustration by letting you share your link automatically on mobile in your preferred email or messaging app. Whether you want to share a standard meeting Event Type link or create a single-use link, you’re good to go with just a few taps.

Calendly saves you time and frustration by letting you share your link automatically on mobile in your preferred email or messaging app.
The Calendly mobile app lets you automatically copy and paste meeting Event Type links directly into an email or text message. You can even create a scannable QR code.

What if you’re talking to lots of people at a trade show trying to schedule solution demos? Creating and sharing multiple links is very time-consuming. Calendly has you covered here, too — just share your availability via QR code. Select an Event Type (or copy an existing one) and generate a QR code for your prospects to scan. They can use it to book a meeting with you immediately without any follow-up or back-and-forth emails.

What’s more, you can customize a message to accompany your shared links to save even more time. (This feature is especially useful when sharing your link via text messaging.) You can change the default message to give more context to your scheduling link, so your meeting invitees will know who they’re meeting with and why. Everything is included in one message string, creating an easier booking experience for your invitees.

Easier rescheduling for invitees

Heavy and always-changing workloads require scheduling flexibility, especially for people in meeting-centric roles like Sales and Customer Success. Questions become complex, priorities shift, discussions run long … and the day’s plan goes out the window. When you must reschedule a meeting on short notice, it’s important to let your invitees know you value their time by letting them pick a new time that’s convenient.

The latest Calendly app updates give you the same rescheduling flexibility on mobile as you have on your desktop. You can now send a new rescheduling-specific link that lets invitees choose a new date and time on your calendar. All the original meeting details, including the invitee’s name, dial-in numbers, videoconference links, and location, automatically carry over to the rescheduled meeting. You don’t need to spend time looking up and refilling these details — you can focus on getting ready for the meeting. And your invitee feels respected even in the middle of shifting schedules.

(If you’d rather pick a date and time for the rescheduled meeting, use the “Book for invitee” option.)

Manage your availability from anywhere

Life happens. Something comes up that alters your schedule completely, or you’re unexpectedly pulled into a long meeting that’s not on your calendar. Either way, you don’t want to get booked for a meeting you’re not available to take. It’s frustrating for you and your invitee, and you risk losing out on making a connection.

Fortunately, updating your availability doesn’t mean being tied to your desktop. Your schedule is always accessible with the Calendly mobile app. No matter where you are or how your schedule changes, you have options to make adjustments on the go:

  • Weekly hours: This view lets you customize the hours you’re available to meet during each day of the week. Not only can you limit hours on specific days, you can also turn days off completely (especially weekends).

  • Date override: If you’re not able to meet any time during a particular day, this function turns off all available booking slots on that day. You can mark any number of days to be removed from your booking schedule.

  • Event Type hours: When you’d rather limit the hours a specific meeting can be booked instead of updating your entire schedule, that’s easy, too. You can set custom hours in an Event Type’s details. (And if one of your custom schedules applies to the Event Type, you can update it here, too.)

The power of scheduling wherever you are

Optimizing your schedule to make stronger connections can be difficult when you’re on the go. But it’s easy to take advantage of those moments when you have the Calendly mobile app. Download it for iOS or Android today and start managing your schedule wherever you are!

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Webinar: Getting started with Calendly

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Ashish Joy

Ashish Joy

Ashish is a SaaS Product Marketing expert and Calendly alum. He is an avid coffee drinker and nerd on all things consumer tech.

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