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June 04, 2020
Creating Calendly

Meetings Make History: Calendly CEO’s Most Impactful Meeting

Meetings Make History

By Calendly

Everyone remembers a meeting that caused them to change direction.

It may have been an advising appointment that convinced you to switch majors. Or maybe it was grabbing coffee with a friend who encouraged you to pursue your passion for social work. Or maybe a conversation with a customer that helped you see the future of your business.

In the video below, Tope Awotona, Calendly’s CEO & Founder, recalls a meeting from Calendly’s history that impacted the way we help people today. This single moment in time became a core foundation of Calendly—a hashmark on our company timeline.

Collaboration has power. Meetings make history.

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Tope Awotona:

So one of the most impactful Calendly meetings I’ve ever had was one I had in 2013, a few months after we launched the product.

We got this inquiry from a school, and they were so excited about Calendly. They’d been using it for parent-teacher conferences. They came to us and said, “We love it so much that we want to roll it out to 80 people.”

80 people was very, very exciting at the time. It demonstrated that it was yet another opportunity not just with individuals, but with teams. And it was really our first kind of foray into teams scheduling and serving teams.

Fast forward to today – that’s a huge portion of our business and a huge part of Calendly’s success.

And so obviously, I shared my Calendly link with [the school] and we got a meeting on the calendar.

I would regard that as one of my most exciting, and most impactful Calendly meetings, because I think it was the first time that I really saw Calendly not just as a solution for individuals – but one that can be really powerful for teams.



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