Leadpages integrates Calendly directly into landing pages to help customers grow their businesses


Calendly, May 14, 2020

Calendly’s scheduling embed options offer a seamless way to embed scheduling pages directly on a website or landing page, so that prospects don’t have to leave the website to get meetings scheduled at the height of their interest. This is especially helpful on landing pages that are built specifically to convert visitors into meetings.

The team at Leadpages, a leading landing page builder, saw how powerful automated scheduling could be for lead conversion and decided to deliver a better scheduling experience within their product. Their goal was to increase visits to leads by enabling customers to create landing pages that drove prospects to schedule as soon as they expressed interest in their services.

Leadpages conducted research through customer interviews and identified a core challenge of its customer base — the inability to compel interested prospects to schedule consultations, demos or other meetings immediately. Leadpages knew that creating a solution would help their customers generate leads, win more sales and build better customer relationships.

Choosing an automated scheduling software to enhance lead generation capabilities

As Calendly users themselves and after hearing that many customers were already using Calendly, Leadpages chose an integration with Calendly to eliminate the drop off experienced when a prospect visits a landing page and fills out the lead form but doesn’t get scheduled immediately. Leadpages was committed to streamlining the scheduling runaround for its customers to avoid their prospects completely losing interest while waiting to hear from someone to schedule.

Building a scheduling integration that fits seamlessly into the Leadpages product

With Leadpages’ Calendly integration, its customers can now get meetings on the books as soon as someone is interested in their product or service. They built a custom integration using Calendly’s embed code. Within the Leadpages landing page builder, users simply drop in their Calendly link and have three embed options to display on the landing page:

1. The Calendly scheduling page is displayed inline on the landing page

Leadpages 1 Screen20Recording202018-09-1020at2009.2620AM

2. After clicking a button, the scheduling page pops up

Leadpages 2 Screen20Recording202018-09-1020at2009.3620AM

3. After clicking a hyperlink, the scheduling page pops up

Leadpages 3 Screen20Recording202018-09-1020at2009.4220AM

Leadpages + Calendly supports business growth through increased sales

Using professional templates from the Leadpages library, its customers across verticals leverage the power of a landing page builder with automated scheduling to support their lead generation needs. The integration empowers customers to use “lead magnets” like free demos and consultations to drive more scheduled meetings.

Leadpages’ customers have found the integration especially useful for:

  • Selling their product through more efficient demo scheduling

  • Growing their email list by offering a free consultation

  • Connecting with their community to discuss partnership opportunities, customer interviews, vendor calls, etc.

Leadpages + Calendly gets prospects scheduled at the height of their interest to drive more sales.

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