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October 16, 2020
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Kommute + Calendly Integration Adds a Meeting Link to Your Sharable Videos

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By Adam Lambert

So many people are working remote now, that sending your Calendly link to schedule meetings over video has become the norm.

Many of you share your Calendly link every hour to schedule Zoom calls, or quick chats on Google Meet.

In situations where you can’t meet in person, it sometimes feels like sending another email to schedule a meeting isn’t personal—especially if you’re trying to remotely engage sales

That's where Kommute comes in.

Kommute makes it easy to engage with prospects, customers, and job candidates using video. They put a face to the name to improve that initial connection.

And with Calendly's latest integration, Kommute has combined the personal, persuasive power of video with the convenience of instant scheduling.

Here's how.

Calendly + Kommute

With Kommute, you can quickly record your webcam or screen and instantly share the video from any device—no apps or downloads required.

You can then attach a message to your video, just like in an email, which can include your scheduler (via Calendly).

Kommute’s integration with Calendly enables you to record and send expressive video messages with your scheduling widget automatically embedded, making your meeting invitations feel more personalized while still eliminating the back-and-forth coordinating.

You can see what a successful Komute + Calendly integration looks like below.

Kommute Calendly Scheduling Page

New, Video-Enabled Use Cases

The ability to attach your scheduling widget to a video message creates interesting, new use cases for Calendly that make everyone more productive:

  • Account Managers can schedule onboarding meetings by sending a friendly introductory video message with the ability to book time using Calendly.

  • Salespeople can answer a prospect’s question by sending a recording or their webcam or screen while simultaneously asking to schedule a follow-up meeting via Calendly.

  • Customer Support can send a quick video message to answer a support question with a screen recording, complete with the option to schedule through Calendly.

  • Recruiters can send introductory video messages or interview invitations to job candidates requesting they schedule time to chat via Calendly.

  • HR Leaders can onboard new hires using video messages that include a message from the employee’s manager, links to useful information, and a request to schedule an onboarding discussion through Calendly.

  • Everyone can introduce key discussion points or meeting agendas items beforehand by attaching their Calendly scheduler to a short video message to make the meeting more productive.

Get Started Using Calendly + Kommute

Kommute has made it extremely easy to send a video message with Calendly embedded. Simply visit and enter your Calendly link to create a video message links that you can share with anyone.

Sales, Recruiting, and Customer Support can all benefit from Kommute’s new integration with Calendly, because it delivers a better customer experience.

If you enjoy using Kommute, sign up for a free account so you can manage all your video messages in one place.

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Adam Lambert

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