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Introducing Workflows: your entire meeting lifecycle made easy

Kurt Heinrich, September 02, 2020

You know everything you should do to deliver a perfect meeting: get everyone on the same page (and excited!), ensure you’re prepared to start on time, capture feedback, follow up quickly and make sure the next meeting is promptly confirmed.

The right balance of preparation, organization and communication makes sure you and your invitees achieve shared success and continue to move your relationship forward.

But your work doesn’t solely revolve around making meetings happen. Other priorities may delay your pre-meeting research and derail updates from going out on time. 

What would happen if you got the perfect meeting strategy right, every time?

Calendly’s brand new Workflows let you build your ideal processes around every meeting and apply them at scale so you create better outcomes for you and your invitees. Take your proven best practices and automate them to happen at exactly the right moment.

What can I do with Workflows?

Workflows are automations that are triggered throughout the meeting lifecycle, from the time a meeting is scheduled all the way through your followup with attendees.

Get an email or text when a meeting is scheduled, canceled, changed, or upcoming. Stay in the know so you bring your best to every conversation.

Deliver the right messages before meetings. Engaging meetings require more than just showing up. Send your attendees customized notes with the meeting agenda and goals, in addition to event reminders or any other content that clients need to feel prepared.

Never let the relationship go cold. After the meeting, send a quick “thank you,” share your scheduling link, or provide follow up materials or a customer survey.

Stack multiple automations for better communication. Unlock the full power of Workflows by building and stacking your favorite automations together. Create unique emails and texts so you have the right cadence of communication with your invitees.

What does it help me accomplish?

Establish new best practices that scale.

Create and manage all of your automations in one place, then apply them to your event types. The template gallery helps you easily create and customize your most important notifications to improve your entire process.

Create smarter processes that accomplish more.

By creating and stacking multiple triggers and automations on each event type, Workflows unlock never-ending possibilities. Craft your ideal processes, customize them, and adjust so you consistently deliver better experiences.

Improve visibility and control over your process.

Get a clear snapshot of every automation that powers your meetings. View each Workflow you’ve created and see what event types you’ve added them to. Make changes to your notifications and apply them across all of your workflows at once.

How do I get started?

Log into your Calendly Pro account and check out our template gallery to try out some of our favorite Workflows, like custom text reminders and follow-up surveys.

Workflows is a Pro plan feature. On our free or Premium tiers? Learn more about Workflows or upgrade today to get instant access.

Kurt Heinrich biography
Kurt Heinrich

Kurt Heinrich is a senior product manager at Calendly, based in Atlanta. He enjoys spending time with his two greyhounds and playing hockey.

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