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June 02, 2020
What's New

End-to-end native scheduling experience for international users and invitees

Localization Hero

By Calendly

At Calendly, we live and breathe meeting scheduling. We want to make sure we’re offering the best, simplest way for business professionals across industries—sales, customer service, recruiting, you name it—to connect with their contacts, wherever they may be located. It truly takes a village of dedicated team members across all departments, and the effort surrounding our latest update is one we’re especially proud to share.

A while back, we committed to creating a global experience within Calendly when we released localized event types for your invitees. We’ve taken that one step further with a native scheduling experience across our appwebsite and help center for users and invitees in the following languages: French, Spanish, German and Portuguese. You can set and update your preferred language in your account settings at any time.

In addition, Calendly now supports collecting payments within our PayPal and Stripe integrations in the following currencies: Australian Dollar (AUD), Canadian Dollar (CAD), Pound Sterling (GBP) and Euro (EUR), along with the United States Dollar (USD).

Calendly’s commitment to customers to enhance their scheduling experience and business relationships

Across our entire customer base of more than 1 million people, all users have at least one thing in common—it’s not as easy as it seems to schedule a meeting. Adding an international component to that, whether you’re an international user or you’re scheduling with international contacts, makes the scheduling experience even more challenging.

“Scheduling meetings in the work world is a universal problem and translating Calendly into several languages and offering new currencies within our payment integrations makes it even easier for people around the world to automate that.”

– Tope Awotona, Founder and CEO

Our continual research shows that a sizeable portion of our customer base is international. In fact, within the past three months alone, millions of Calendly meetings have been scheduled by international users. With this new update, our intent is to deliver the best scheduling experience possible to our international customers.

“Adding these full language experiences and currencies is really a response to our international success as thousands of businesses from around the world have adopted Calendly to automate their teams’ scheduling.”

While it’s clear that Calendly’s international user base is growing, our effort to offer end-to-end support of four new languages and payment currencies is also for our customers within the United States who schedule meetings that are crucial to their business with contacts abroad.

“Adding languages and currencies isn’t only about our international growth; it is about the international growth of our customers who want to give localized experiences to their contacts, prospects and customers. Calendly is known for designing the best scheduling experience for those individuals, so providing a fully-translated experience really makes our U.S. and international customers shine.”

Ahead-of-the-curve native scheduling

We’re making this push to the global market as we know that a fully native scheduling experience isn’t readily available. While other companies have localized portions of their app and website, the full, seamless experience is what’s been missing. Our efforts help set Calendly apart to deliver on the scheduling needs of non-U.S. business professionals and those based in the States working with companies and professionals across the globe.

If you’re an international customer or one that schedules with contacts abroad, we hope you and your invitees enjoy the new experience. 

Log in to your account to set up your localized experience or explore collecting payments in a new currency.

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