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February 11, 2021

How to Use Calendly with Video to Support and Retain Customers

Kommute Customer Success Hero

By Kommute

Customers are the lifeblood of every business, and creating and nurturing customer success can help you maintain a loyal and passionate customer base. As your business grows, it’s important to consider implementing tools that help you create a memorable experience, keeping your customers coming back for more.

By making it quick and easy for customers to schedule a meeting with a customer success representative, Calendly helps you connect with your customers on a more personal level.

But having the time to host a real-time meeting with every inquiring customer is improbable, and email support simply doesn’t show the same level of personalized attention.

So, how can you balance efficiency and personalization in your customer support experience and still hit those all-important customer success metrics?

Provide automated video support with Calendly + Kommute

Customers want to feel valued; a bad customer service experience can often lead to lost customers and negative publicity.

We believe that a great customer service experience is quick, efficient and personalized to the individual needs of each customer.

That’s why we paired video messaging with Calendly’s automated scheduling. Kommute is a video messaging platform that makes it easy to record, send and receive video messages from any device. Calendly makes it quick and easy for customers to schedule a meeting, and Kommute helps you add that personalized touch. 

The Calendly + Kommute integration allows you to create recorded videos answering common customer questions that include your Calendly link, ready to send off to inquiring customers. You can choose to record your face or even record your screen to show exactly how to solve a problem. If customers need more clarification, they can simply schedule a time for a video chat using your Calendly link. This allows you to turn scheduling interactions into opportunities to give your customers more face time.

The benefits of using video as a customer support representative

By providing video support, you not only differentiate your communication with customers, but you’re able to show a level of personalized attention that can’t be conveyed through email or messaging. It can also save you and your team valuable time by cutting down on unnecessary real-time meetings—often, your recorded video message was exactly what the customer needed.

Ways to use video to retain happy customers 

  1. Scheduling onboarding meetings. Welcome customers to your platform or service with a personalized video message.

  2. Answering support tickets. Answer tickets through video and include a Calendly link for further personalized support.

  3. Winning over upset customers. Send upset customers a warm, personalized video message to turn around their impression of the company. 

  4. Upsells and renewals. Send out video messages that show off new features with the option to schedule some time to chat further.

  5. Account management. If it's time for an account review—or if you just want to check in on a customer—send them a warm greeting with the option to schedule some time to meet. 

  6. Cancellations. Follow up on cancellations by sending customers a video message thanking them; ask if they’re open to scheduling some time to discuss why they cancelled. Customers may be willing to take you up on your offer to meet and you may be able to win them back.

How to use Calendly + Kommute

By using Calendly and Kommute in tandem, your customer success team can help more customers without sacrificing a personal connection. Ultimately, this winning combination will create a customer service experience that is both efficient and personalized.

So what’s the next step? Try out Calendly + Kommute today.

If you enjoy using Kommute, sign up for a free account to manage all of your video messages in one place.

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