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How to send a calendar invite with Calendly


Ty Collins, May 01, 2021

Ensure everybody knows when and where to be with a calendar invite.

Sending a calendar invite is the best way to ensure all interested parties stay in sync for a specific rendezvous. From birthday parties to corporate meetings, all events run much smoother when everybody knows when and where they need to be. Calendar invites will also guarantee all attendees get "the memo" on any scheduling updates that may arise before the big day.

When it comes to event planning and follow-up, long gone are the days when people needed to write all the details down on their planners. The current technologies allow us to skip unnecessary phone calls and correspondence to agree on times and dates. 

There's also no need to contact each participant individually to keep them posted on plan changes anymore. You can now target all invitees at once in a few simple steps. Using the right scheduling software will make event-related communication easier than ever before. It just makes sense!

Calendly is not your average digital calendar. It's a simple yet powerful tool that helps you save time when managing your calendar invites. You can benefit from having the right software to help simplify a task so seemingly easy as sending an invite. Sharing a Calendly link will give you peace of mind and keep you and your invitees on the same page. 

Read on to learn all there is to know about Calendly's calendar invites. Find out how to use these practical and solid scheduling tools from your desktop and mobile devices.

Sending a calendar invite using Calendly

Calendly will let you share your availability with the all right people at the appropriate time. You don't need to be a top-floor executive to use this type of scheduling tool. Calendly makes event planning and programming a lot more accessible for the general public, too. 

Recruiters, students, educators, and entrepreneurs can take advantage of Calendly. You can use it to spread the word about social events, meetings, appointments, conference calls, online classes, medical visits or any other event you may have. The platform will let you share two kinds of links to make this task way easier:

The former will let people see your overall availability and find the right spot to squeeze in a meeting with you. It will give attendees access to your landing page, where they can see all the types of events you offer. 

The event-specific link is a lot more personal and private. It will provide information on a particular type of event only. You and your invitees can access and use these links for informational purposes or to suggest the necessary changes to a schedule you had previously agreed on. To send your Calendly event link, follow these simple steps:

Step 1: Create your event-specific Calendly link in the platform

Calendly lets you create different types of events. This tool helps you keep your schedule organized, narrow down the information you share and determine the right target for each invite. 

Calendly automatically generates a unique URL for each event you create. You can customize and share these URLs for extra personalization. Your Calendly link is a shareable shortcut to all the necessary information about your event. It contains locations, durations, starting times, dates and more. 

Calendly also allows you to create single-use links to limit access to a specific event. The URL will become invalid once your invitee uses it to schedule the event. To create a single-use link, you have to:

  1. Go to your Calendly home page

  2. Go to Event type

  3. Locate the event you want to share

  4. Select Share on the event tile

  5. Click on Let this link expire after the first booking

Calendly offers several other choices to manage your schedule and create your events. You can take advantage of these and other features by using the Chrome and Mozilla extensions or the Android and iPhone apps. 

Step 2: Locate your event's unique Calendly link

To find the Calendly link for a particular event, all you need to do is: 

  1. Access your Calendly account

  2. Go to the home page

  3. Go to Event type

  4. Select the event you want to share

  5. Click on Copy link

Step 3: Find the appropriate channel to share your calendar invite

Once you have a time/date/location agreement with all interested parties, confirm your meeting by sending your Calendly link. Most people go for the classic email to do so. However, other alternatives might work for you. 

If it's more comfortable for everyone involved, you can use social media, direct messaging apps, co-working tools and other digital means of communication. When you decide on the proper channel to share your invite, all you have to do is copy-paste your Calendly link. No more back-and-forth! 

Step 4: Craft an inviting and clear message for the attendees

Regardless of the importance of the event, you want to make the invite feel personal and welcoming. Sending your link by itself won't cause the same impression. The recipient can easily overlook a calendar invite without a clear introduction. To avoid this problem, craft a straightforward message for your attendees. It can be something as simple as:

Here's the calendar invite link (anchor Calendly link) for our meeting so we can all be on the same page. 

Need some more inspiration? We wrote a few short templates to help in different scenarios. Read them carefully and pick the right one to communicate with all attendees effectively.‌

‌Sales Call

Thank you for your interest in our (insert product or service). Let's talk more about your expectations and how we can help you meet them. Click here (anchor Calendly link) to see all the information on the call we scheduled earlier today.

Social Event

I'm so excited to celebrate my (insert event type) with you. Click here (anchor Calendly link) to find all you need to know about the event. I'm sure we'll have a wonderful time. Can't wait to see you there! 

Webinar/ Online Course

Thank you for signing up to our (insert event-specific information). Click here (anchor Calendly link) to review the time and date of the event. Please reach out with any questions. See you soon!

Client check-in call

We hope you're enjoying your new (insert product or service). How is everything going? We've scheduled a call to answer any questions you may have. Click here (anchor Calendly link) for more information.‌

Medical Appointment

Thanks for confirming your appointment with (insert practitioner's name). In this link (anchor Calendly link), you will find all the information you need for your next visit. See you then!

Advising Appointment

Thanks for scheduling a meeting to discuss your academic progress. Here's our scheduling link (anchor Calendly link) with the hours and location we agreed on for your appointment. Please, reach out with any further questions.

Job Interview

At (insert company's name), we're impressed with your résumé and skillset. We are very excited to get to know you and see if we're a perfect match. Click here (anchor Calendly link) for scheduling specifications for your interview. We can't wait to meet you! 

‌General networking

I'm looking forward to discussing more ideas with you. Here's our scheduling link (anchor Calendly link) to avoid the back and forth with our meeting's date, time and location. See you soon!‌

To learn more tips and strategies for sharing your scheduling link more effectively, check out our e-book Make scheduling human: the Calendly guide to etiquette.

Get your copy

You can always add your full link below your message for your invitees to copy-paste it on their browsers. Yet, your invite will look a lot cleaner if you use clickable text. Some email platforms have a built-in tool to achieve this. However, if you're sending your invite via text message or social media, you probably won't be able to generate a hyperlink. In these scenarios, it's ok to keep it simple and stick to what you know. 

‌Step 5: Share your Calendly link

Once your invite has all the necessary details and specifications, you can finally send it to those interested. Calendly's event shareability will help you spread the word to the right people from your PC or a mobile device. 

Send a Calendly calendar invite from a web browser

If you're using your personal computer, follow these instructions to share your Calendly event link:

  1. Access your Calendly account

  2. Select the event you want to share

  3. Double-check all information is correct and up to date

  4. Choose the platform you're using to share your invite

  5. Copy your link and paste it into your message

Emailing has always been a fantastic option to reach several people at once. Nowadays, other apps and sites let you tackle numerous contacts from your list at the same time. No matter what platform you're using, make sure all interested parties appear in your recipient field before you hit send on your invite. 

Once your guests have the link in their power, they'll be able to further spread the word by resending the invite to others. If you'd prefer they don't share sensitive information, make sure to specify it in your message before sending it. 

Send a Calendly calendar invite from a browser extension

Download the Calendly extension on Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox. Next, all you must do is follow these steps:

  1. Click on the Calendly icon on your browser's toolbar

  2. Locate the event you want to share

  3. Use the dropdown arrow to display the options

  4. Select Copy link

  5. Paste the link into your message‌

Send a Calendly calendar invite from Android or iPhone

On your smartphone, you may choose to share your link via email or text message. If you're using Calendly on Android or iPhone, your app will automatically compose a default message for you to share with your invitees. You can always edit our pre-written message. All you have to do is:

  1. Go to your event types screen

  2. Tap on the menu icon

  3. Select Default message

  4. Modify the text to your preference

  5. Tap on Save

‌Once you're happy with the message you're sending your attendees, you can proceed to share your link. The directions are simple:

  1. Go to the event types screen

  2. Find the event you want to share

  3. Tap on Share

  4. Choose the method to share the link. You can pick: 

    1. Email or text

    2. Copy link

    3. More options 

If you select email or text, Calendly will launch the chosen app and display your message and link. All you'll have to do next is add your desired recipients and send. Alternatively, you can add the link to your clipboard by selecting "copy link" and manually paste it into the platform of your preference. Finally, you can pick "more options," and Calendly will display other apps that might allow you to share your link.

How to share recurring calendar invites

Some events are not a one-time thing. Avoid the hassle of inviting your students to your biweekly lecture or your employees to the status meeting every Monday. Here are some alternative ways to share your recurring event Calendly link:

Simplify your emails

You don't have to write a side note into every email you send to remind your invitees of your subsequent events. Instead, you could use your email signature to automatically insert your event link and a call to action to every new draft.

Use your website

Use your website's traffic in your favor. Embed your event-specific site or your landing page so that your invitees can have easier access to your schedule and event list. This small but bold action is perfect if you need a bigger platform to share your links with numerous people at once.

Share within specific content

‌If you have a blog or create online content, you can share your link and a short message or call to action. Adapt to the platform you're using to have a higher reach whenever you need to share events with a greater public.

Ready to start sharing?

When you're planning any event, there's nothing more frustrating than not being able to get your message across to everyone involved. Calendly allows you to optimize your time and send your calendar invites faster and more effectively. Once your share your link, the planning process becomes a lot less stressful. 

Whether you've already decided the time, date and location of your event, or you're still figuring it all out, this powerful scheduling software lets you polish the final details. Forget about the back and forth and say hello to more efficient communication. Try it for yourself and share your first calendar invite with Calendly today!

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