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Getting started with Calendly


Calendly, January 28, 2022

When you get started with Calendly (which, as you're about to see, is super easy to do!) you’re well on your way to simpler, more efficient scheduling. 

Calendly users save an average of 4 hours each week. Think about how much more time you’ll have to focus on your business goals now that you're not busy going back and forth, trying to find a time to meet!

It's a snap to set up. And if you don’t have a Calendly account yet, go ahead and sign up!

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3 steps for getting started with Calendly

Having meetings that connect you with the right people is the lifeblood of your work. Follow these 3 easy steps to make scheduling them a headache of the past.


1. Start sharing your links

That’s right, you’re ready to start sharing your links today! Every time you share your link you’ll eliminate double-booking, forgotten calendar invites and meeting no-shows — plus you’ll save time and make life a little easier for yourself and your invitee.

When you create a Calendly account, you'll see three ready-to-share event types: a 15-minute meeting, a 30-minute meeting, and a 60-minute meeting. You can share them as-is, or adjust them to better fit your needs. Everything is customizable, including name and description, your availability, and the event’s duration.

When you’re emailing back and forth with someone you’d like to meet with, send them one of your links. It helps to include an introduction so they know that using your link will save them time, too. Something like:

If it's easier, here’s my scheduling link so we can avoid the back-and-forth of finding a time to meet.

If you send a lot of emails or have clients for whom you always want to be accessible, consider including your link in your email signature. Try something like:

I'm available to meet with you! Feel free to schedule a time here.

Do you send out automated marketing or sales emails where you ask potential clients to schedule time with you? Drop one of your links in there (or even better — embed Calendly on your website!) and you’ll be scheduling meetings in your sleep!


2. Enhance your event types

Each of your event types has its own dedicated scheduling link so you can have the perfect one ready for every meeting you host. Calendly gives you a variety of ways to make your links even more powerful.

These are some of our favorite event type enhancements:

  • Automatically generate and include web conference details for every meeting

  • Add buffers before or after your event so you’ll have time between meetings

  • Send email or text reminders to ensure your invitees show up on time and prepared

  • Ask your invitees questions that enable you to host better meetings

Having the right event types ready will make scheduling more efficient and your meetings more effective. Customize an event type today to get the most out of Calendly!

3. Get Calendly wherever you work  

Whenever a meeting opportunity arises, you’ll want easy access to your scheduling links. That’s where the Chrome extension comes in.

Calendly's free Chrome extension lets you grab and share your links in seconds. Not only that, you can easily create one-off meetings, and (perhaps coolest of all) add available times to an email.

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Happy scheduling!

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