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June 02, 2020
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Forbes Recognizes Calendly Among Best Startup Employers in America

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By Adam Lambert

Calendly is among the country’s top startup employers, and number 2 in their native state of Georgia. Forbes announced the Top Startup Employers in America for 2020, and Calendly is among them.

The list features the top 500 startups across the country that have created an outstanding culture for their employees. 

Over 10,000 companies were considered for the recognition.

“Forbes is the authority in American business,” said CEO Tope Awotona.

“To be recognized among the top companies in America is no small accomplishment, and we have our employees to thank for that.”

Forbes and Statista selected America’s Best Startup Employers using an innovative methodology with more than 7 million data points.

Employer excellence was evaluated in three ways:

  • Employee Satisfaction: includes ‘Average Length of Employment’, ‘Employee Ratings’, and ‘Quantity of Ratings’.

  • Employer Reputation: algorithmically extracted information from social media, news, blogs, and social networks.

  • Company Growth: includes ‘Website Traffic’, ‘Job Openings’, ‘Headcount Information’, and ‘Funding Information’.

“When we made the announcement, you could see how proud everyone was,” said Kelly Minella, Head of Recruiting at Calendly.

“We’ve doubled in size in under a year, so there are a lot of new faces, and our company culture is as strong as ever.”

Founded in 2013, Calendly now has over 120 employees in its Atlanta headquarters.

Calendly has doubled its employees since this company photo in March 2019.

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