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Calendly, March 29, 2020

After a great meeting, Calendly users tell us they feel excited about the relationship they’ve built and the possibilities for the future. A thoughtful follow-up email after your meetings can keep that momentum going, but in a busy day, it’s hard to find the time. Calendly can help build on the impact of your meetings, effortlessly, with automated follow-up emails scheduled after each meeting.

Follow-up emails help you build rapport and give you an opportunity to leverage what you discussed in the meeting to move things forward. 

A good meeting follow-up email could include:

  • a reminder to consult commonly-helpful resources

  • an invitation to schedule the next meeting

  • a survey to collect more information or evaluate your service

  • a thank you note

To add a follow-up email to an event type, go to the edit screen and click on Notifications and Cancellation Policy. Turn on Email Follow-Up and you can personalize the content of the email and choose the timing of when it gets sent. Note: Email Follow-Up is a premium feature, so you need to be on a paid account to access it. If you’re on a basic plan, click here to upgrade.


Sending Additional Resources
Great for: sales calls, phone screens
Send after: 4 hours

Send over resources in a follow-up email to move the conversation forward, stay top of mind and ensure better meetings in the future. If you’re a salesperson, send a case study to keep the prospect interested after a demo call. If you’re an account manager, send a link to your help center so they know where to go with additional questions.

Hi Ivan, Thanks again for your time. I hope you enjoyed the demo and understood how our tool can revolutionize the way your team manages projects. Looking forward to keeping in touch. In the meantime, I wanted to share this case study we recently published—you might find their story particularly interesting. Don’t hesitate to reach out with additional questions! Cheers, Gwen

Quote - Hi Ivan

Add a follow-up email to one of your event types and see how sending additional resources moves the conversation forward!

Schedule Another Meeting
Great for: consultations, coaching sessions
Send after: 24 hours

Get the next meeting on the calendar right away to increase the value of your relationship with customers and clients, and also makes it easy for them to schedule an appointment in the future. If you’re a service provider, encourage your invitee to schedule a follow-up appointment after the initial call. If you’re a tutor, invite your students to schedule additional sessions if they need more help.

Hi Yvette, Hope our last session session was helpful for you. I’m excited to check in with you in a few months. If you had additional questions in the meantime, schedule another meeting with my Calendly link. Looking forward to keeping in touch and have a great rest of your day! Cheers, Felipe

Quote - Hi Yvette

Add a follow-up email to one of your event types and see how encouraging invitees to book another meeting increases the value of your customer relationships.

Survey or Feedback
Great for: customer success, service appointments
Send after: 1 hours

Ask for real-time feedback to get helpful information on ways you could make improvements while the meeting is still fresh in their heads—it’ll also improve their perception of your business. If you’re a customer support team, send a quick survey to see how you can be better serving clients. If you’re a small business owner, ask your customers to write you an online review to help spread the word.

Hi Eugena, Thanks again for reaching out to the customer service team. If you have a couple of minutes, I would love to collect your feedback on how we did in this quick survey. We appreciate your business and please let me know if there’s anything else I can help with! Cheers, Francis

Quote - Hi Eugena

Add a follow-up email to one of your event types and see how asking for feedback right after a meeting helps you improve your business.

Thank You Note
Great for: interviewing, anyone really
Send after: 24 hours

Send a thank you as a common courtesy and make your invitees look forward to future interactions with you. If you’re a recruiter, a thank you can help increase their desire to work with you. If you’re an entrepreneur, a simple thanks can build better relationships and could lead to more business such as referrals. 

Hi Cynthia, I wanted to thank you for hopping on the phone today. I hope you were able to learn more about our company culture and how the team operates. I’ll be able to get back to you in a few days with next steps. Please don’t hesitate to reach out with additional questions. Cheers, Roberto

Quote - Hi Cynthia

Add a follow-up email to one of your event types and see how sending a thank you improves your relationships with your invitees.

Automate follow-up emails to your invitees, giving them the best post-meeting experience and helping you nurture your relationships, all without having to interrupt your day. Try adding a follow-up email to one of your event types now!

If you have any other questions on follow-up emails, email reminders, or how to set things up, read more in our Help Center article.

For more on user access and team scheduling plans, visit our Calendly pricing page.

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