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July 01, 2020
Creating Calendly

Work that matters: an introduction to Engineering at Calendly

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By Ashleigh Joyce

Recognized as a unicorn by venture capitalists across the startup scene, Calendly has emerged as an exciting workplace for engineering talent. “I was looking for an opportunity to make an impact,” says Alex Hall, an Engineering Manager at Calendly. “The engineering team here really cares about the quality of the product. That isn’t something that can be said for other companies I’ve worked at.” 

As a Full Stack Engineer, Steve Kulesza’s skills are in high demand. “At the time I interviewed with Calendly, I had multiple offers, but during the interview process, Calendly really stood out to me. As an engineer, I wanted to work on a product that people use every day. It’s really cool to see your work help improve people’s lives.” 

Calendly offers the unique opportunity to work on a proven product that has weathered the storm of the COVID-19 pandemic, largely thanks to its agile structure. Senior Agile Project Manager, Karen Shih, works closely with Calendly’s engineering team and says this adaptability is what drew her to Calendly:

“Because of our size and the mindset of our leadership, here at Calendly we’re more receptive to change, whether it be product, strategy, or even cultural changes. With larger companies, you have more hoops to jump through, and in some cases with smaller companies, certain changes just can’t be prioritized.”

As an engineer, a team that values your voice and your influence in paving a feature roadmap is important to you—and we hold those values paramount here at Calendly. Our culture is carefully cultivated and preserved by people at every level, from the C-suite to the ground floor.

Watch the video below to learn more about Calendly’s engineering team and check out all of the opportunities to join Calendly as we continue to improve people’s lives every day through better scheduling software. 

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