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[E-book] Making scheduling human: The Calendly guide to etiquette


Thad Thompson, December 14, 2021

For all its convenience, some people still aren’t fans of scheduling automation — or more specifically, being asked to book time on someone’s calendar. 

It’s a minority — a recent informal poll by Advisory founder Andy Brown found that 32% of respondents said automated calendar management tools were “impersonal and/or a bit rude” — but it’s a vocal minority. Common themes in criticisms of automated scheduling links include insensitivity, lack of thoughtfulness, or a perceived impoliteness.

People also talk about the power dynamics involved with sending or responding to a scheduling link.

But negative perceptions usually come from people who’ve received a scheduling link without a personal touch or context to show why the meeting is a valuable use of time. Add some technophobia, and it’s easy to see why automated scheduling tools get a bad reputation.

How to share scheduling links more effectively

Fortunately, overcoming resistance to automated scheduling isn’t complicated. It’s a matter of being human — sharing your calendar in an approachable way that helps your invitee understand a meeting’s value. 

This e-book gives you the link-sharing etiquette and strategies used by Calendly power users across all types of industries that change perceptions and help you book more meetings. From phrasing introductions to incorporating audience needs, you’ll have the tools to create more successful meeting invitations. 

These insights will help you make better, more effective connections with people and nurture relationships that help your business grow. 

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Thad Thompson

Thad is a Content Marketing Manager at Calendly. When not sharing scheduling and productivity insights, you’ll find him hiking trails with his family or thumping a bass with a power pop band.

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