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October 23, 2020

You Can Do More Deals by Sending Meeting Reminders (with an Option to Reschedule)

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By Adam Lambert

We’ve all had that email suddenly appear reminding us of a meeting we forgot about.

The subject line reads something like, “Your Appointment Scheduled for Tomorrow on 11/13/20,” and you instantly remember it’s a meeting you need to keep.

You check your calendar, and see if any shuffling needs to be done.

It changes all your priorities. And the same thing happens to your customers when they get your email reminder.

That's why creating a reminder email is so powerful, especially at the 24-hour mark.

Because it’s just one day away, the reminder is generally a make or break moment.

If you can make it—great!

But if you can’t, the questions come flooding in.

Imagine one of your customers receives a reminder email from you, and needs to cancel tomorrow’s appointment.

What questions go through her head?

Can I Reschedule?

On getting that reminder email, the first question in the customer's mind is, “Can I cancel this appointment?”

Then second question becomes, “Can I reschedule? —Is that even an option?”

And so on.

Assuming your customer booked using Calendly, all of these options are on the table.

If they genuinely want to reschedule, they can do it easily from your reminder email.

They can also cancel the meeting outright, and it will immediately disappear from your calendar.

And that’s a great thing.

In this case, no meeting is better than a cold meeting.

Instead of spending that time pitching to a cold prospect who wishes they could've cancelled, you’re open to field any other hot leads that may come in.

By giving customers the option to reschedule or cancel, and making it really simple with email reminders, you’re improving your own show rate.

Control What You Can Control

If you’re in Sales, Marketing is out of your control.

Ultimately, you can’t affect the quality of marketing leads coming to you. But you can filter for quality leads on your own calendar.

Doing quality control on your meetings gives you better odds each time.

Remember: it’s not your job to force someone to be interested.

It’s your job to sell.

Keep that time open with the hopes of catching a pop fly.

Those meetings—the immediate ones—are much warmer than someone who wishes they could cancel with you.

Control what you can control.

Make sure your calendar is updated by the second, and you’re ready to take on new customers as they come in.

Calendly Helps Salespeople Control Quality

Calendly keeps your calendar busy with more quality leads by allowing prospective buyers to reschedule or cancel.

Your calendar is immediately updated, and your

Calendly gives salespeople the power to control the core part of their jobs: the quality of their opportunities.

Create a Calendly today for free, and see if this simple change improves your sales.

Our bet is “yes—and quickly.”

Create your Calendly today by clicking "Sign Up" button below.

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Adam Lambert

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