Stanley Steemer talks to more candidates, fills jobs faster

February 19, 2021


increase in interviews scheduled monthly


interested applicants to apply at their peak moment of interest


branch managers, applicants, and the HR team coordinate schedules


Stanley Steemer
5,000 employees
Residential and commercial cleaning


Stanley Steemer has 2,000 technicians across the country, and they need to keep all those positions filled. That means consistently recruiting candidates and conducting dozens of interviews per day. Calendly helped them sift through contenders and find the best people.


Scheduling job interviews poses logistical challenges

Kristen and Casey have plenty to worry about as is. As the only recruiters for all 280 Stanley Steemer branches, they work each day to keep the residential and commercial cleaning company’s 2,000 technician jobs filled. That’s no easy task, but it’s what keeps this 73-year-old institution humming.   

The company’s standard procedure required the pair to seek out candidates, collect resumes, and then use phone calls or emails to set up group interviews at branch offices for every serious applicant. That meant coordinating the schedules of potential hires with those of the individual branch managers. It also meant juggling those logistics across multiple time zones. 

Even if Kristen and Casey managed to get a job interview scheduled, they still had to follow up with confirmation emails and reminders. If someone happened to forget their appointment, or the process got hung up on some other miscommunication, they had to start all over again. 

They found themselves so overstretched that they could only serve the hiring needs of five branches at any one time. No matter how hard they worked, they never felt like they could catch up. Between 10 and 60 technicians work at a typical branch, so even one or two vacancies can affect how many customers they can serve.


Empowering candidates to set up interviews

As technician positions stayed vacant for weeks or months, branches worked short-handed, so Stanley Steemer just wasn’t maximizing their potential. Kristen and Casey knew they needed to find a more efficient way to connect job candidates with the people making the hiring decisions. Not only would that accelerate the whole process, but it would free them up to seek out the best possible applicants.  

Everything changed when Stanley Steemer teamed up with Calendly. These days potential technicians use it to schedule their own interviews at local branch offices. They apply for the job, set up a meeting and are empowered to pursue a new career. 

Applicants and branch managers alike can sync their interviews up with their existing calendars. Automatic time zone detection cuts down on any accidental mishaps. Better yet, job applicants automatically get a confirmation email and reminders as the interview approaches. 


More positions filled than ever before

Kristen and Casey saw productivity jump overnight, and Stanley Steemer saw 58,000 job interviews scheduled in a mere five months. That’s a far cry from the 500 or so per month that Kristen and Casey had been doing manually. It meant managers had more qualified applicants to choose from and that they could fill their openings faster.

All those benefits came with minimal disruption to the overall operation, at a minimal cost. The increased efficiency carried over to every branch. Enthusiastic candidates control their own destiny. At their peak moment of interest, they have a job interview arranged with just a few clicks. Branch managers sit back and let the best applicants come to them.    


“Calendly is maximizing our time and efforts. It’s fantastic.”

Stanley Steemer biography
Stanley Steemer

For more than 70 years, Stanley Steemer has been the professional carpet cleaning expert people have trusted to deliver the best carpet cleaning service available.

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