Better prospecting helps Geographic Farm tap into more clients

May 10, 2021

Improved sales team availability

by distributing work more evenly

Integrated prospecting

with existing software systems

Optimized future campaigns

through analytics and tracking


Geographic Farm
50 employees
Marketing and branding services for real estate companies


As marketing and branding consultants for real estate firms, Geographic Farm’s potential clients  are already juggling jam-packed schedules. Amid all the hustle, they needed a streamlined way to prospect customers, set meetings and spread the word about their value.


Slow scheduling limits consultations

As the business development manager for Phoenix-based Geographic Farm, Matthew Morrison assumes that his potential clients in the real estate are operating on tight schedules. In fact, Geographic Farm counts on the fact that clients are always scrambling to find more time to close deals. By offering them marketing and branding expertise, Matthew hopes to lighten their load.

While the services Matthew offers are perfect for busy realtors, his team struggled to get the word out about all they could do. He needed a way to streamline how reps scheduled sales calls so they could make contact with potential customers, explain their offerings and pair clients with the services they needed most.

“The more options we can give them for consultation times, and the sooner we connect with them, the better,” he says.


More channels for prospecting

Geographic Farm tried a series of software solutions. Though some helped smooth scheduling snafus, Matthew found that most were integrating poorly with the company’s existing Salesforce CRM. Then he decided to try Calendly. Not only did the simple interface mean the team had no problem making a smooth transition, but Salesforce integration meant they were able to track various prospecting campaigns from start to finish. Calendly also made it easier for the sales team to reach out to clients in various ways.

Step one saw them contact potential clients through MailChimp email campaigns. Each message includes a link that directs interested prospects to a scheduling page. Interested parties click and set up a meeting on their preferred time, and Calendly assigns the meeting round-robin to the next available sales rep. This simplified process meant potential customers could buy into the process at a time of peak interest and schedule calls at their convenience.

“We have the ability to track the number of consultations booked. So we know which messages drive people to set consultations, and we can adjust our marketing accordingly.”


More meetings, more sales

Indeed, a data feedback loop helps Geographic Farm’s sales team monitor progress on the fly. Whenever one of their leads schedules a meeting, Calendly automatically creates a new record or updates their existing one in Salesforce. Custom fields on the Calendly scheduling page mean sales reps are armed with far more than a client’s standard background (name, email and phone number). Before they start a given call, the team knows the average value of the homes each prospect sells, their marketing budget and the services they are most interested in.

Reps have access to all the information they need to handle any call. In the odd case where a hot lead starts to go cold, sales reps have a chance to circle back, revive the relationship and set a new consultation with an account executive. More information leads to more productive conversations. That’s good news for busy realtors and Matthew’s sales team alike. In an industry where everybody is on the go, making the most of each contact point is essential.

At more than 500 meetings per month, business is booming. Call volume is on the rise. Better yet reps find themselves with even more time to concentrate on delivering a high-quality customer experience.

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Geographic Farm

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