AgriWebb’s “zero-touch” scheduling helps acquire, serve more customers

May 10, 2021

75% reduction

in wait time for customer calls

Reduced incoming calls

to free up customer service agents

Increased attendance

at marketing events


50 employees
Cloud-based farm management software


AgriWebb’s cloud-based software helps farmers manage their operations. But time dealing with customer service is time AgriWebb’s clients would rather spend farming. Calendly helped them streamline communications to serve customers faster.


Making the customer journey more efficient

As head of farm success for AgriWebb, David O’Brien focuses on making sure customers get the most from its innovative cloud-based management software. While 21st-century farmers may depend on analytics to succeed, tech solutions don’t always come naturally. And that means plenty of queries, questions, and remote training sessions to maximize results.

Out in the fields, farmers tend to use AgriWebb on their mobile phones. So when they hit a snag or have a question, there is little time to waste. David saw it was too complicated for farmers to get through to an agent, or set up training sessions and consultations. AgriWebb is meant to help farmers capture and track data on-the-go. So how do you sell software that boosts efficiency if you aren’t efficiently serving your own customers?

Soon enough, David noticed the same issues — lagging response times, scheduling confusion, and miscommunication — that threatened customer touchpoints were also disrupting AgriWebb’s internal processes.

“As we started to understand and appreciate the scope of how Calendly can be used, we realized it was something that we needed to bring into the company at a wider level,” he says.


Streamlined experience saves time

AgriWebb started out using Calendly to let customers schedule their own trainings. As waiting times dropped and customer service agents had fewer incoming calls, management realized their people had more time to serve customers.

That spurred AgriWebb’s “zero-touch” scheduling concept to facilitate customer communication all the way through. Today, when qualified leads visit the company website or active users enter the support chat via mobile device, they can immediately schedule a meeting. By integrating Calendly with the rest of their critical systems (Intercom, Salesforce, Zoom, Google Analytics, and Slack) AgriWebb could guarantee customers transitioned seamlessly through any number of their internal departments.

Marketing teams use Calendly to confirm who is attending an event and put the right personnel in the booth at the right time. Demo teams are ready to meet with farmers outside regular office hours (after they finish in the fields, for instance). Salespeople are at the customer’s disposal, as is the customer support team. Calendly automatically sends reminder emails or texts for meetings all the way through.


Smoother internal processes benefit clients

With a tech-averse customer base that prefers tending to their herd, harvest or hens, a simplified customer journey was an important differentiator.

“Calendly has definitely helped reach more customers,” David says. “Overall it’s been a key driver in a lot of our growth.”

While AgriWebb originally adopted Calendly to sort training sessions for new customers, they quickly saw the potential for competitive advantages throughout the customer lifecycle. These days customers use Calendly to sign up for marketing events, set demos, connect with sales reps, book training sessions, and contact user support. One platform integrated with the rest of AgriWebb’s operation means everybody is on the same page.

“It’s really helped us drive our internal efficiency as a company, but also in a customer-facing sense from the first touchpoint all the way through their journey,” David says.

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