Simple scheduling helps Agile Search spend more time talking with top candidates

May 10, 2021


increase in number of meetings set via LinkedIn


conversations with potential candidates


boost in incoming calls


Agile Search
5 employees
Executive recruiter for the medical device industry


Using Calendly to set up 15, 30, or 60-minute conversations with job seekers allowed recruiting firm Agile Search to speak with four times as many candidates. Getting to know each prospect made it easier to pair the best people with the right company.


Booking time to talk

While John Compton is looking for quality — not quantity — when it comes to job candidates, finding top talent still demands he speak with as many people as possible. As an executive recruiter for the medical device industry, he may use resumes to screen candidates, but real-life conversations are the only way to truly find the best of the best. 

Sorting contenders from pretenders takes time. Between researching, sourcing, and strategizing with clients, John can’t afford to get bogged down in the logistics of scheduling. He would rather talk with candidates about their qualifications than talk about when they’re going to talk.

On occasion, John found himself emailing back and forth three or four times, just to set a meeting with candidates. He could see opportunities for him and his clients — who need to fill jobs — getting lost in the shuffle. Once John found a candidate that fit the profile, he needed to make it easy for them to make an appointment and get down to business.


Scheduling links on social media

John gets flooded with emails every day, so he’s wary of doing the same to others. To that end, LinkedIn has been a great way to connect with prospects — they get to see who he is, and he can get a sense of a candidate’s background before reaching out. 

But even in the best of times, social media attention spans are short. That high performer squeezing in a quick job search on their lunch break may only have a few minutes to engage. John tried a few scheduling applications in hopes of taking those connections one step further, but most seemed to make things harder rather than easier. Then he tried Calendly. 

Once John connects on LinkedIn, a simple link invites a job seeker to set up a call. One click routes them directly to Agile’s custom-branded scheduling page. John’s colleague Cathy uses it as well, so everybody’s on the same page.


More conversations, more action

Simplifying that initial contact gives John instant credibility. With options to block off 15, 30 or 60-minute intervals, candidates can reach out to John for an initial query or a deep conversation. 

John is looking for people with the right skills, but he’s also searching for the right fit. That takes time. Rather than waste hours on the particulars of scheduling, or sorting out an unfortunate time-zone mixup, John can focus on his craft: finding extraordinary people. 

Since switching to Calendly, Agile has seen calls scheduled via LinkedIn skyrocket 1000%. More calls translate into satisfied clients, which generates more new business. These days things are going so well that John is looking to expand. 

“I can hire folks to search for more candidates,” John says. “Because of the volume of calls we get using Calendly, I know it will be a good return on my investment.”

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Agile Search

Agile Search helps talented people contribute in inspired ways, moving careers and companies forward.

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