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May 13, 2020
Customer Stories

How Conductor helped customers achieve their business goals with enhanced support

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By Calendly

Conductor helps customers achieve their business goals with enhanced support

Scaling and increasing renewals with self-service scheduling

Mergim Selimaj is the customer success manager at Conductor, a SaaS company that offers intelligent content marketing and SEO improvement technology, and his top priority is ensuring that every user gets the most out of the product. By using Calendly, Conductor has scaled support and improved the customer experience with automated scheduling of account calls.

Before Calendly, the Conductor customer success team scheduled quarterly check-in calls with 45 small accounts. This was a terribly inefficient process because some accounts didn’t want any support, while others needed more frequent touch points. Often, customers didn’t have a personal connection with the customer success rep and, therefore, didn’t want to give them their time. For the customer success team, it meant months of low activity followed by a single week of jam-packed calls.

Organization: Conductor

Location: New York, New York


Scaling account management for a large customer base

When Mergim came on the scene, he knew he had to find a way to scale customer success so that the team was operating more efficiently and customers were getting a better experience. By implementing Calendly, he provided a convenient way for customers to guide their own journey by giving them the option to schedule whenever they needed to.

“It’s been instrumental. And because I’ve been able to scale up with Calendly, a lot of colleagues have been able to transfer their small accounts to me so that they can focus on higher value tasks like improving retention and reducing churn.”

Conductor has its customer success scheduling page embedded on the help page and linked from its app, as well as linked within customer success reps’ email signatures. Now customers have a self-service solution that allows them to get the value they need out of Conductor’s product. Reps are assigned round robin to each scheduled call so that customers can get help as quickly as possible.

Improving retention and reducing churn through efficiency

By integrating Calendly with Salesforce, Slack and Trello, information collected from Calendly meetings are automatically added to each tool to enable a more efficient workflow for the customer success team.

When Mergim polled his customers and asked them if they found Calendly was easy to use, the response was positive with most users saying they’re so glad a solution like this exists.

By using Calendly, Conductor quadrupled the number of customers it was able to reach out to and connect with, leading to a vast improvement in customer experience and overall product value. As a result, its renewal rate increased by 30%, proving that a simple, yet robust scheduling tool has the power to reduce churn and increase retention for companies of all size and sector.

“I would not be able to do my job without Calendly.”



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