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Introducing Calendly for Slack

Using Calendly within Slack has never been easier.

Kommute + Calendly Integration Adds a Meeting Link to Your Sharable Videos

Kommute combines the persuasive power of video with the convenience of Calendly scheduling.

New Calendly Integration: Microsoft Teams

Integrate Calendly + Microsoft Teams to automatically add your conference details to every meeting.

Introducing Workflows: your entire meeting lifecycle made easy

Learn about our new feature that automates confirmations, reminders, followups, and more.

How Calendly helps customer bottom lines with localization

Offering full support in four languages in our app and website and four new currencies.

Forbes Recognizes Calendly Among Best Startup Employers in America

Forbes announced the Top Startup Employers in America for 2020, and Calendly is among them.

Our Video Conference Integrations Are Now Free—Forever

Integrate for free with Zoom, Microsoft Teams, and GoToMeeting to stay connected in 2020 and beyond.

Get meetings scheduled in a snap with Calendly for Chrome

Impromptu scheduling made possible with our new browser extension.

Provide a seamless scheduling experience with automatic redirect options

Calendly has the ability to take your invitees right to your web page after scheduling a meeting.

Introducing Calendly for Intercom

You can now share your Calendly events directly in Intercom Messenger with our new integration.

New Calendly integration: Mailchimp

Integrate Mailchimp to automatically update your audience contacts for better email marketing.

Download the Calendly App for Android!

It’s here! 🎉 Use the Calendly Android app for seamless on-the-go scheduling.

Calendly highlights times you’re both free

Quickly spot times you’re available with a side-by-side calendar view in desktop.

Using HoneyBook + Calendly to acquire and retain clients

HoneyBook members can now streamline scheduling and enhance the client experience.

Show invitees a single calendar view to quickly find the time that works best

Invitees can see your availability in a single calendar view to quickly find a time that works best.

The best automated scheduling software for you and everyone you meet

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