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January 29, 2021Case Studies

Video consultations help Avocado Green Mattress blaze an ecommerce trail

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Avocado makes high-end organic mattresses, pillows and bedding. But they realized that geography or physical disability prevented many potential customers from visiting showrooms to experience the unique benefits of their products.

The Challenge

Exposing the benefits of an innovative product

As VP of Marketing, Jessica Hann could see that Avocado Green Mattress was missing out on many potential customers. Plenty of people were curious about the company’s organic mattresses, pillows and bedding. But the originality of their product line meant many shoppers were unwilling to buy before they could feel and test the mattresses for themselves. Their brand slogan, “Farm to mattress,” was intriguing, but what did they really feel like?

Jessica needed a way to educate her target audience about their products — and the COVID-19 crisis wasn’t making it easier. While Avocado does have two physical stores in California and one in New Jersey, foot traffic was non-existent during the most severe days of quarantine and has remained at a reduced pace ever since. Besides, Jessica hoped to reach customers from all corners of the world.

Avocado had a high-end website where people could learn plenty, but mattress customers in particular are hoping for a more sensory experience. Jessica wondered whether there might be an efficient way to recreate a hands-on feeling remotely.

The Solution

Video consultations with potential customers

Jessica connected with Avocado’s Senior Systems Engineer Asad Niaz to brainstorm. Perhaps they could use Facetime or Zoom to connect interested customers with salespeople for demos? Asad had used Calendly to manage his own schedule, so he instantly recognized its utility to let potential customers schedule virtual shopping appointments. Avocado’s skilled sales reps were ready and willing to speak with customers anyway, so why not use those same skills remotely?

Asad integrated Calendly with Avocado’s existing systems, and the company invested in new lighting and staging effects in their showrooms. “Rather than coding and building this complicated engine, we just leveraged what Calendly does,” he says.

It didn’t take long for the sales teams to adapt to virtual demos. They lie down on beds, fluff pillows, and compare products to one another all in real time with shoppers via virtual conferencing. A link on the website lets anyone interested in Avocado’s sustainable line of products set a meeting in seconds. And customers who don’t live near a store can learn more about Avocado’s wares in a tangible way.

The Results

Driving demand with a virtual sales experience

The response was remarkable. Demand for remote consultations was so large that the setups in Avocado’s existing stores couldn’t service the necessary call volume. In response, Avocado converted an old-school call center into a series of mock retail setups for the explicit purpose of virtual consultations.

Shoppers are excited because they know more about the products they’re buying. Sales are up, and on average, customers are buying more pillows, blankets and accessories. Avocado has grown so popular they’re having trouble keeping up with demand.

As the physical retail showrooms reopen, Jessica expects to use Calendly to let people book in-store appointments, too. Meanwhile, Asad is looking to further integrate Calendly with Avocado’s customer relationship management (CRM) system. That way, follow-up conversations after the video demo can be scheduled just as easily.

“We're all looking for bright spots these days,” Jessica says. “Instead of being depressed that you can't go to a store and get out of your house, we’ve given customers this really cool, fun virtual retail experience to replace it.”

Avocado Green hero

Avocado Mattress

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