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Calendly Recruiters Share Their Advice on Searching for a Job in a Global Pandemic

Ashleigh Joyce, October 23, 2020

Finding a new job is never easy. And when you’re searching in the middle of a global pandemic, it can feel like a bigger challenge than usual.

Maybe you’ve recently found yourself back on the job market, and you’re looking for thoughtful advice on how to land your next role.

That's why we asked our recruiters here at Calendly to share their top tips to help you find and land your next job.

Here’s what they had to say.

The Best Place to Start

Timree Best is a Lead Recruiter at Calendly HQ in Atlanta. She recommends making a list of companies that are both growing, and creating future demand.

“Start your search by creating a target list of companies based on the growing need for their product,” says Timree.

“A consumer or business that solves a genuine need will create jobs within those companies,” she said. “And the open positions page is a good place to keep a pulse on that.”

Once you’ve found your target companies, you’ll want to customize your resume, says Timree.

“When you find a role with your target company, take some time to work on your resume so it’s tailored to the job you’re applying for.”

She recommends highlighting your own strengths, but says to “be sure and include the must-have job requirements in your resume. That’s critical for jumping the initial hurdle.”

Provide Quantitative Metrics When Possible

Beyond highlighting relevant experience, it’s important to discuss the impact of your work as well, Timree says.

“Highlight your achievements using qualitative metrics when possible,” she advises.

Jade Michel, a fellow recruiter, gives an example.

“If you helped improve a process that saved your employer $2M in spend, or freed up five work hours per week for employees,” says Jade, “you should highlight that.”

“Hard numbers can help expedite the assessment process on our end,” says Timree.

“It just makes things easier.”

Plan for the Interview, and Understand the Business

Once they know your name and have your resume, it’s time to nail that interview. And interview success is all about preparation.

“Plan for the interview,” says Timree. “Be prepared by doing the research in advance on the company, the interviewer, and how you fit the role.”

She notes that these three topics are what will be covered in that interview.

“It’s also good to have questions prepared,” says Timree.

“Asking prepared questions will elevate your confidence,” Timree suggests, “because you come in knowing the spotlight isn’t totally on you.”

But what do the very best candidates have in common?

We asked Jade about the candidates who go one step further.

“The best candidates, they gain a high-level understanding of the business as well as the strengths and opportunities around the competition.”

To do this, Jade recommends researching a company beyond their website.

“Look at reviews, and any media publications or recent announcements related to the company. You’re just trying to gain context on where they spend their time and energy, versus other companies.”

Patience Is a Virtue when Job Hunting

There was one message mentioned by nearly all recruiters: Don’t get discouraged.

“Have patience and don’t be too hard on yourself,” Timree says. “Rejection is not easy, but it’s important to stay positive and move on to the next opportunity.

Jade recommends carving out some time each day to learn more about your industry and the skills required for your profession.

“Use tools like LinkedIn Learning or free university offerings to take courses to keep fine tuning your skills,” Jade says.

She also recommends that you continue to build your network.

“Reach out to a manager, a recruiter, or someone in the role currently on LinkedIn to share your interest and ask for an opportunity to learn more,” Jade advises.

Timree recommends the same.

“Meet people within your target company through other people,” she says.

“Leverage all your social media channels, just remember to do it with tact.”

While you might be unsure if it’s acceptable to reach out to people during a global pandemic, the answer is a clear “YES,” say recruiters.

It is okay to reach out to others.

“Don’t be shy to ask for introductions and guidance. Just make sure you’re doing this in a thoughtful, sensitive, and respectful way,” Timree says.

“Network with those companies in your targeted list. Building connections will certainly help increase your odds of being selected for an interview.”

Interested in working at Calendly? We’re hiring!

Before applying for a role at Calendly, here are some quick tips from Jade and Timree to help you stand out from the crowd and get the job you want.

“Thoroughly read through our job descriptions to find positions that align with your experience,” Jade advises.

“Then reach out to someone on the team, in the role, or within the org to learn more. LinkedIn is a good channel for those conversations.”

And if you reach the interview stage, Timree encourages candidates to “bring the best you to the interview.”

“Be authentic,” she says. “Use your resume as a tool to get the interview, but let us get to know you. Show us who you are, demonstrate your passion and desire to be a part of Calendly’s journey.”

Follow this link to see our open positions.

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Ashleigh Joyce

Ashleigh Joyce is Calendly's Manager of Employer Brand. She's thankful for her two little ones, local West Midtown restaurants, and fermented grapes.

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