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Calendly, April 07, 2020

Why a Calendly integration with Intercom? 

Sharing Calendly links in Intercom Messenger is wildly popular among our users. On top of that, it is one of Intercom’s top requested integrations.

We are in the business of making scheduling as easy as possible and streamlining workflows, so integrating Calendly to work seamlessly in Intercom Messenger was one of our top priorities for Q1 this year.

With the new Calendly for Intercom app, your leads and customers can find a time to meet with you directly in Messenger—without intermediate steps or distractions. This means you and your team can reduce the work for potential clients and focus on scheduling with more qualified leads, speeding up your sales cycle and ultimately meeting your quota.


How can I use the Calendly for Intercom integration? 

To get started, visit the Intercom app store and install the Calendly app. Once installed, you can use any active, valid Calendly link to create a customized invitation to schedule.


Respond directly to messages with an invitation to schedule. 

Use the Calendly app to quickly create a custom invitation to schedule with you. Reply to current chat conversations or start a new chat inviting a lead or customer to schedule.

Make it easy to schedule with you at any time. 

Add the Calendly app to your Intercom Messenger home if you’d like leads, customers or website visitors (whoever you choose within Intercom’s settings!) to be able to schedule time with you or your team at any point. This is especially helpful when offering support to customers, hosting a webinar or other event, or soliciting user feedback.

Set up automatic flows that pre-qualify leads and prompt them to schedule. 

Use Operator for Intercom Messenger to create paths, using custom questions, for your leads based on their unique needs. The entire process will then be automated—allowing leads to self-serve and schedule when they’re most ready. Use this method to speed up your sales cycle and ensure your team is always talking to qualified leads.

Ready to start scheduling meetings using Calendly and Intercom? Head to the Intercom app store and install Calendly. If you have specific questions, check out the Help Center article.

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