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May. 22, 2020

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Due to the enormous number of responsibilities sales reps have in today’s competitive environment, about 65% of their time is spent on non-revenue-generating activities.

Actually, field reps spend about 3% more of their time selling than their inside counterparts. So productivity shouldn't be blamed on travel time, but on process.

This reality has made sales tools and sales scheduling software in 2021 less of a luxury and more of a necessity.

By understanding the efficiency drains in your sales reps’ systems, you can decide which tools are vital to ensuring they spend more time making sales instead of doing manual work.

An InsideSales.com study found administrative tasks eat up nearly 15% of sales reps’ time.

Sales automation tools can significantly increase accuracy and speed, while decreasing time wasted on operations.

Sales automation tools save time.

What are sales automation tools?

Unlike online marketing tools, sales automation tools are software-based solutions that empower your sales team specifically, making them more efficient, consistent, and successful. These tools automate a variety of tasks associated with lead research and nurturing tools, contact management software, team management software, and sales analytics software.

Sales automation tools can tackle a very specific task or offer full-suite solutions that seamlessly integrate into your customer relationship manager (CRM) and improve customer relationships.

Benefits of sales process automation tools

According to Grandview Research, by 2025, the marketing automation software industry will be worth more than $7.5 billion and will offer marketing tools for small business and corporations alike. The rapid growth of this sector should come as no surprise because of the myriad benefits sales automation tools provide sales and marketing teams.

Sales automation platforms and tools streamline tedious, time-consuming work to free up time for sales representatives to focus on what you hired them to do: generate revenue.

Thankfully, it’s not all industry hype. There are hard numbers demonstrating the benefits of sales automation tools. Straight out of the gate, research has shown that sales automation tools reduce marketing overhead by 12.2% and can increase sales productivity by 14.5%.

Additionally, some automation systems are known to increase sale closure rates by 30%, while reducing sales administration time by 14%.

At the end of the day, automation tools allow computers to do what they are good at (tedious, manual tasks), while your sales representatives can focus on what they are good at — making strong personal connections and closing deals.

The 15 best sales automation tools for 2021

Here's our recommended list of sales automation tools your team needs to close more deals in 2020.

1. Calendly

With Calendly, sales prospects can book a meeting on your website to jumpstart inbound sales.

For sales reps lining up and knocking down dozens of meetings a week, it can be hard to keep track of everything. Worse yet is the constant back and forth of trying to nail down a mutually-agreeable meeting time.

Calendly solves that pain point.

Reps set their availability preferences and then share a meeting scheduling link with a prospect or manager. The recipient then selects whatever time works for them and it will automatically be added to the sales rep’s calendar. You can even create an online booking system with calendly.

Calendly key automation features:

  • Integration with Google, Office 365, and Outlook

  • Integration with CRMs like HubSpot

  • Intuitive, simple-to-use interface

  • Fully optimized for all devices

  • Website embedding

Calendly pricing

The “Basic” plan is free for one calendar per user, with one event type.

The “Essentials” plan ($8 per user/month) is good for two calendars per user with unlimited event types. It offers a variety of upgrades from the Basic plan, including removable Calendly branding, group events, customizable email notifications, reporting, and numerous additional integrations.

The “Professional” plan ($12 per user/month) gives sales representatives everything Calendly has to offer, including robust integrations and the ability to accept payments through your meeting scheduling links.

2. HubSpot Sales

HubSpot Sales is one of the best sales automation software tools on the market.

HubSpot Sales is one of the best sales automation software tools on the market. The cloud-based system provides real-time engagement updates and automated business communications to help your sales team connect with hot leads and efficiently convert them.

The suite of tools help sales teams at every stage of the sales funnel: from identifying promising leads to lead nurturing and closing the deal. Additionally, it comes with CRM functionality to manage client details and engagement history, leading to more accurate assessments of buyers’ interests and campaign performance.

HubSpot Sales key automation features:

  • Personalized, sequenced follow-up emails automated to ensure your sales team is connecting with leads at exactly the right moment

  • Real-time notifications about when a lead clicks on a link, opens an attachment, or checks an email

  • Automated contact data entry and engagement history

  • Seamless HubSpot CRM integration to keep track of the entire sales pipeline

  • A user-friendly, click-to-call dialer

HubSpot Sales pricing

HubSpot offers completely free access to their basic functionality for an individual salesperson.

The “Starter” package costs $40/month and is good for up to 1,000 contacts. It allows you to capture and convert leads through landing pages, ad management, live chat, conversation bots, and forms. Additionally, it lets you segment your lists, understand lead website activity, and gives you access to email marketing and ad retargeting tools.

The “Professional” package ($800/month) gives you a wide range of additional features, including A/B testing, SEO recommendations, blogs, campaign reporting, and website traffic analytics, as well as video hosting and management.

The “Enterprise” package ($3,200/month) is good for up to 10,000 contacts. It’s HubSpot Sales most robust package, giving you additional tools to manage your teams and brands, extend your platforms, and analyze revenue.

Think if you have HubSpot, you don't need Calendly? Then you definitely need to read this.

3. Pega Sales Automation

Pega Sales Automation is a powerful software system that accelerates your sales cycle, increases productivity, and boosts revenue.

Pega Sales Automation is a powerful software system that accelerates your sales cycle, increases productivity, and boosts revenue. The artificial intelligence (AI) identifies hot leads through lead scoring, then assists sales reps in moving a prospect down the sales funnel to a quick conversion.

Pega Sales key automation features:

  • Identification of key opportunities to cross-sell, upsell, and establish repeat purchases

  • Personalized deal generation for prospects

  • Lead ranking scores to determine how well sales reps are performing

  • Outlook calendar and email integration

  • LinkedIn Sales Navigator partnership

Pega Sales pricing

The “Standard Edition” package ($140 per user/month) gives you access to about 50% of the company's productivity tools and none of their artificial intelligence features. However, it does include account, contact, and lead management capabilities.

The “Intelligence Edition” package ($170 per user/month) builds off of the Standard Edition package, giving you access to Microsoft Exchange bi-directional synchronization, internal content management, and email campaigns and templates. It also unlocks various AI features.

The “Engagement Edition” package ($240 per user/month) includes everything in the Intelligence Edition, as well as call telephony integration and internal and external content management. Additionally, it comes with all the AI solutions Pega offers.

4. Growbots

Growbots is a fully automated outbound sales platform backed by a database of 100 million influencers and decision-makers. The lead generation tool also lets you manage email drip campaigns and integrates with CRMs.

The idea behind Growbots is to streamline sales lead workflow and deliver hot leads that are easy to convert to sales professionals. It claims to be able to improve campaign results by up to 40% within a month.

Growbots key automation features:

  • A/B testing

  • Instant contact lists

  • Unlimited access to a vast database

  • Targeting of specific companies or profiles

  • Self-updating database to help keep your bounce rate low

  • Actionable insights

Growbots pricing

“All-in-One” plans start at $199 per user/month.

5. Yesware

Yesware is an all-in-one sales kit with attachment and presentation tracking and other automations.

Yesware is a software solution for sales representatives who spend most of their time in meetings, presenting demos, on the phone, or otherwise reaching out to potential clients. The all-in-one sales kit gives sales professionals access to attachment tracking, presentation tracking, and other automated sales tools to improve their performance.

Yesware key automation features:

  • Installation and integration in under a minute

  • Quick and efficient meeting scheduling

  • Seamless integration with Salesforce

  • Personalized messaging templates

  • Click-to-call dialer performance enhancer

Yesware pricing

The “Pro” version ($12 per user/month) gives access to real-time email tracking, personal templates, personal reports, presentation tracking, presentation analytics, and more.

The “Premium” version ($25 per user/month) also includes team template sharing, team reporting, role-based permissions, campaigns, and centralized billing.

The “Enterprise” version ($55 per user/month) takes it to the next level with Salesforce inbox sidebar, bi-directional Salesforce sync, email CRM sync, and calendar CRM sync.

6. Prospect.io

Prospect.io automates prospect email lists by verifying names, phone numbers, and other vital contact information.

Prospect.io automates the process of creating prospect email lists by verifying names, titles, phone numbers, and other vital contact information. Additionally, it helps sales professionals and managers develop robust outreach campaigns and tools to measure the results.

Prospect.io key automation features:

  • Integration with Salesforce, Zapier, PieSync, or PipeDrive

  • Impactful email drip campaign creation

  • Bi-directional sync with CRM

  • One-click variable adjustment for personalized emails and messages

Prospect.io pricing

The “Essential” package ($79 for the first user/month and $29 for each additional user/month) provides 250 email finder credits per month and up to 400 email sends per day per address, as well as a number of other useful features.

The “Business” package ($129 for the first user/month and $39 for each additional user/month) includes everything in the Essential package and gives you access to additional features, 1,000 email finder credits per month, and up to 1,500 email sends per day per address.

Additional email finder credits can be added to either package.

7. Autoklose

Backed by powerful machine learning, Autoklose is an all-in-one sales platform designed to generate quality leads for B2B companies, monitor email outreach, and automate repetitive sales tasks. The mission powering Autoklose is the desire to prevent sales teams from wasting time making cold calls and dealing with gatekeepers.

Of course, Autoklose does much more than that. It also includes real-time reporting and email tracking, contact management, and email campaign management.

Autoklose key automation features:

  • Integrated 3rd party data provider for identifying hot leads

  • Seamless integration with Microsoft Exchange, Office 365, Novell Groupwise, and Salesforce

  • Shortens the sales cycle, guaranteed

Autoklose pricing

The “Starter” package ($49.99 per user/month) includes one email automation account, as well as unlimited campaigns, contact uploads, tracking, and follow up.

The “Small Business” package ($149.99 per five users/month) includes everything in the starter package, as well as a minimum of five user email accounts, a one-hour onboarding phone call, monthly customer success phone call, and 24/7 support.

The “Enterprise” package (directly negotiate the price) adds access to millions of B2B contacts, a dedicated account manager, and unlimited downloads of the Small Business package.

8. Sales Creatio

Sales Creatio offers a sales management platform with forecasting and analytics.

Previously known as bpm’online sales, Sales Creatio offers a cloud-based, full-service sales automation solution, as well as CRM software. The company uses its AI platform to accelerate your business’s operations, marketing, and sales through various automated functions.

Sales Creatio key automation features:

  • Automatically generated revenue and sales reports

  • Automated sales forecasting

  • Automated meeting schedules

  • Automated lead management

Sales Creatio pricing

The “Team” package ($30 per user/month) is designed for small-sized and mid-sized companies that have a direct sales team.

The “Commerce” package ($35 per user/month) best serves eCommerce businesses.

The “Enterprise” package ($40 per user/month) was created to serve medium and large businesses.

9. CircleBack’s ContactCloud

CircleBack’s ContactCloud is a powerful contact management tool for sales teams. With its patented, crowdsourcing data collection model, it has two primary functions for sales reps: it imports contacts from various sources into a single location and it tracks down contact information for specified businesses.

When a rep is on a company’s website, they can run ContactCloud to get their hands on names, job titles, email addresses, and other pertinent contact information for decision-makers in the organization.

CircleBack’s ContactCloud key automation features:

  • Browser extension and a cloud-hosted tool

  • Export of up to 50 contacts per month

  • Seamless integration with Office 365, GoogleApps, and Exchange

CircleBack’s ContactCloud pricing

By contributing to the database, companies are given free, unlimited access.

10. ZoomInfo

ZoomInfo is a cloud-based lead generation tool that gives users access to a comprehensive contact database.

Created specifically for the B2B industry, ZoomInfo is a cloud-based lead generation tool that gives users access to a comprehensive contact database with names, titles, direct-dial phone numbers, and email addresses.

ZoomInfo key automation features:

  • Powerful search functions

  • In-depth insights

  • Creation of actionable target lists

  • More than 50,000 searchable data points.

ZoomInfo pricing

Quote request required.

11. Attachment Tracking

Cirrus Insight's Attachment Tracking analyzes and tracks emails and collateral for lead prospecting and qualifying.

Cirrus Insight is known for a full suite of sales automation features that include enterprise scheduling, sales productivity, Salesforce integration with your email, and email drip campaigns.

Cirrus Insight Attachment Tracking is a sales automation tool that analyzes and tracks emails and collateral to assist with lead prospecting and qualifying. By analyzing engagement with marketing materials, presentations, and pitch decks, Cirrus Insight Attachment Tracking provides sales teams with deeper insights into what is most effective.

Cirrus Insight Attachment Tracking key automation features:

  • Real insight into material engagement

  • Narrow down leads to the most engaged

  • Centralized content hub for improving team alignment

Cirrus Insight pricing

The “Starter” package ($27 per user/month) includes standard sales productivity features and is touted as helping sales reps to save several hours a week.

The “Closer” package ($45 per user/month) gives access to more powerful features for attachment tracking and enterprise scheduling.

The “Enterprise” package (quotes available on request) gives users everything Cirrus Insight has to offer, including Flight Plans (email drip campaigns), customized experiences, and customized training programs.

12. LeadFuze

LeadFuze is another powerful lead generation tool powered by artificial intelligence. It allows users to access verified contact information (including emails, phone numbers, and social accounts) for leads in specific industries and positions.

LeadFuze key automation features:

  • Seamless integration into various CRM solutions

  • Double-verified emails

  • Both account-based and market-based lead searches

LeadFuze pricing

The “Starter” package offers access to all LeadFuze’s features and 500 lead credits per month.

The “Scaling” package is the same as the Starter, but with 2,500 lead credits per month.

It’s also possible to create custom packages based on company needs.

13. RollWorks

RollWorks is a complete B2B sales automation system.

RollWorks, previously known as Growlabs, is a complete B2B sales automation system. The platform provides vital support, from lead generation to engagement automation. RollWorks ensures accurate prospect data, as well as triggers to ensure follow-up emails are sent at the right moment.

RollWorks key automation features:

  • Powerful lead nurturing tools

  • Bi-directional CRM integration

  • A/B testing

  • In-depth reports

  • Robust lead generation tools

RollWorks pricing

The “Starter” package ($975 per month) offers a range of features, including one Targeted Account List, website visitor insights, and account-based retargeting.

The “Standard” package (quote request required) offers everything in the Starter package, as well as two Targeted Account Lists, account scoring, and account intent.

The “Professional” (quote request required) package builds on the other offerings, with four Targeted Account Lists, best-fit account suggestions, and wider intent signals.

The “Ultimate” package (quote request required) gives you all of RollWorks features, including eight targeted account lists and their best service plan.

14. PredictLeads

PredictLeads scours news sources, blogs, websites, and career sites for relevant contact information.

PredictLeads is a powerful data management tool that scours news sources, blogs, websites, and career sites for relevant contact information.

The vast net cast by PredictLeads gives sales teams insights about product launches, job openings, and other tangential key points that could impact their approach and ability to close deals.

PredictLeads key automation features:

  • Follows specific companies

  • Identifies prospect companies through query parameters

PredictLeads pricing

PredictLeads currently only offers the “Professional” package ($490 per month).

15. LeadGnome

LeadGnome is a reply email mining sales tool that digs through sales reps emails to uncover new intelligence.

LeadGnome is a reply email mining sales tool that digs through sales reps emails to uncover new intelligence. The data can then be used to improve database health and build contact lists.

LeadGnome key automation features:

  • Seamless integration with Hubspot, Salesforce, and more

  • Database cleaning and enrichment

  • New lead increase of 20%

LeadGnome pricing

Quote request required.

In a fluctuating economic environment, sales teams don’t have time to manage tedious administrative work and chase down bad leads. Giving your sales team the right automation tools will increase their efficiency and boost your company’s bottom line.

No matter your company size, now is the time to invest in the tools necessary to identify, access, and nurture prime leads — and close the deal.

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