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8 Enterprise Recruitment Software Vendors to Streamline Your Hiring Process

Ty Collins, March 17, 2021

As you roll up your sleeves and plow through innumerable pages of digital data, the phrases enterprise recruitment software and talent acquisition software flashes in your brain.

It’s time. But scrolling through endless articles that highlight a thousand different best options spikes your blood pressure. Who has time for that? 

Good news – the solution to many of your recruitment woes awaits you, and Calendly is committed to making your life easier, one piece of tech at a time.

Yes, we’re an easy-to-use but powerful scheduling platform, but we’ve got the skinny on effective recruitment software that frees you to focus your talents on more critical tasks.  After all, Calendly is in the business of efficiency and streamlining your professional life. So in that spirit, we’ve mined insights from digital authorities like HR Technologist, TechnologyAdvice, AIHR Digital, and IT Central Station to bring you a consolidated list of software all-stars.

Some worthy vendors might have missed the cut, and the list is in no way definitive. If you think we missed one, please leave a comment so we can review and reconsider. Maybe we’ll add them to the list.

Now, let’s unpack those enterprise recruitment software solutions. 

Enterprise ATS Software 

ATS (applicant tracking system) software is the cornerstone of today’s recruitment technology. It’s the hub of your enterprise hiring strategy, but it’s not easy to determine which vendor eases your fiercest pain points. 

Most enterprise recruitment software shares the same basic features and capabilities. You can find hundreds of vendors that promise to expedite your process and improve your workflow. 

So how will you choose one? 

Zero in on the details. It’s often a series of secondary features that boost efficiency. Consider these questions: 

  • What data can you extract from the platform?

  • What integrations are available, and do they align with your needs? 

  • Do you need a developer to customize your career page, or can you do it yourself?  

In other words, it’s best to move past the standard checklist of features and consider specific capabilities that suit your recruitment needs. 

1. Greenhouse

Greenhouse is an ATS on steroids that graduated from the SMB market to an enterprise software powerhouse. It includes all the usual features of other ATS software, but it made the cut because of its sweeping integration capabilities. Almost every recruitment or HR software in existence integrates with Greenhouse. 

Why should you care? 

Because even if you aren’t already working with an HR or enterprise recruitment software, you most likely will be – and soon. And that technology stack will continue to grow, which means you'll want your ATS software to integrate with your existing and future technology. 

Today’s rapidly growing pile of enterprise software options means companies are stacking or layering their tech. Integrations tie the software together into a more manageable and cohesive bundle. This allows your tech to grow with you, making integration key to fewer headaches down the road. 

For example, suppose you’re a Calendly customer. In that case, you can seamlessly integrate our robust scheduling software with Greenhouse ATS to enhance your candidate experience and offer automated scheduling through your interview process. 

2. Jobvite

We love Jobvite’s social recruiting capabilities and mobile app. Along with all the usual ATS features, you’ll also get: 

  • Mobile-friendly candidate application processes

  • Employee referrals

  • A single candidate record to track conversations across channels

  • Candidate texting

  • On-demand video screening

Suppose you’re looking for a candidate-focused enterprise recruitment software that harness the power of social media recruiting and a mobile-friendly approach. In that case, Jobvite will get the job done with a user-friendly interface on both sides of the recruitment process. 

Despite all those mouth-watering features, Jobvite’s proverbial cherry on top is its flexibility. You can purchase it as an all-in-one platform or buy modules of recruiting tools. In other words, you can build your system as you go or dive in all at once to gain maximum benefits. 

Users claim it comes with competitive pricing, which might be a consideration if you’re budget savvy. 

Enterprise Recruitment Software for Advertising

The technical name for this is enterprise programmatic job advertising software, and it’s on the cutting edge of rectech (recruitment technology). 

Instead of posting countless jobs and crossing your fingers that your postings will bear qualified fruit (or qualified candidates), programmatic advertising software gives you the power to affect outcomes. 

It targets your ads according to specific parameters you set before posting. And when we say specific parameters, we mean it. For example, if you’re looking for a junior-level sales rep with a marketing mindset and mean golf swing, you can find them with programmatic job advertising software. 

Surprisingly, it requires a minimal time investment from you. 

Here are a couple of places to get started: 

3. Appcast Xcelerate

Appcast is a significant player in the programmatic job advertising space and maintains clients like HP, Bridgestone, FedEx, and others. 

Excelerate harnesses the power of complex algorithms and applies them to over 10,000 job sites to pinpoint candidates that match your detailed parameters. 

But what sets Appcast apart is the absence of software fees or a long-term contract. Customers only pay for completed job applications rather than taking a gamble on an investment with lackluster results. 

Features that get high-efficiency marks include:

  • Access to real-time analytics

  • Notification of which jobs need applications

  • Distribution to countless websites, social media platforms, and other sources

  • Ad targeting to sources that best match your opening

Appcast offers HR tech transparency and a track record that’s tough to beat. 

4. Pandologic

Pandologic’s programmatic advertising platform is pandoIQ, and it’s known for speed and efficiency. If you’re looking for an enterprise recruitment software vendor that sources talent quickly, then consider Pandologic. 

Of course, it’s heavy on AI, but it delivers quality applicants at high volumes. Think we’re exaggerating? Then consider their customer list: 

  • Wal-Mart

  • Amazon

  • HCA/Health Trust

And in case that didn’t convince you of their reputation, then also consider that they’ve processed over 5 million job ad campaigns. 

If your company hires rapidly and requires greater efficiency when sourcing quality candidates, Pandologic might be the best fit. 

Enterprise Recruitment Software for Pre-Employment Assessment

Pre-employment assessment software is another type of cutting-edge rectech. It’s completely digital and AI-driven, enabling recruiters to craft assessment experiences that enhance the pre-selection method. 

Throw out any thoughts of traditional assessment methods and focus on the features of today’s software platforms. Most pre-employment assessment software solves issues in three key areas: 

  • Efficiency 

  • Candidate experience

  • Data

While competing platforms might offer solutions in all three areas, most zero in on one of them as their primary focus. So, where one software excels in data, it might slack in candidate experience and vice versa. 

So, to find the right enterprise recruitment software for your pre-employment assessment needs, it’s best to pinpoint which of these areas solves your company’s most critical pain points.

5. Harver

Like similar platforms, Harver uses AI-powered algorithms to highlight high-quality hires. It assesses a candidate’s soft skills, aptitude, and general ability to succeed. 

The company has landed some heavy-hitting customers, like:

  • Netflix 

  • UIPath


But it gets our vote for its content diversity and wide-ranging customization capabilities. It is content-focused and content-rich. As a recruiter, you can include images, videos, situational judgment tests, and assessments in your hiring experience. 

Pricing depends on your usage, like the number of assessments or applicants. You’ll want to get a personalized estimate to project costs accurately. 

Also, consider that it takes a little longer to deploy this software because of all the customization options. But in return, you’ll get a more realistic pre-employment assessment. 

6. Pymetrics

Pymetrics is another pre-employment assessment software, but it specializes in leveraging gamification to enhance the selection process. 

These neuro-assessment games help predict candidate behavior in less-than-obvious ways. For example, in one test, the candidates blow up a virtual balloon to the largest size possible before it pops. You might’ve already guessed that this test assesses a candidate’s willingness to take risks (without asking them to rate this trait on a scale of one to ten). 

Another unique Pymetrics feature is the platform’s use of AI to match candidates across available positions. If candidate A isn’t a fit for the junior sales rep they applied for, then the software will recommend other available opportunities with your company that fit their assessment. 

With an office in New York and several abroad, Pymetrics has landed some notable clients like:

  • Aria

  • Mercer

  • Coty

If you’re interested in redirecting candidates to more suitable positions and harnessing the power of behavioral analysis for more accurate employment predictions, then you might take another look at Pymetrics. 

Enterprise Recruitment Software for Onboarding

Innovative onboarding platforms are crucial for retaining those new hires you worked tirelessly to obtain. Once the excitement fades and the motivation wanes, new hires can get lost in transition and become convinced they’ve made a mistake. 

Then, there’s all the new-hire paperwork that pulls them away from a more well-rounded integration into their role, like familiarizing themselves with company culture and establishing connections with their new colleagues. 

But what if there was another onboarding option that skipped the hassle and increased efficiency? Enter enterprise recruitment software for onboarding

These platforms automate parts of the onboarding process and create engagement. They tend to help with areas like: 

  • Sending necessary information about your company

  • Streamlining the paperwork process

  • Introducing new hires to their colleagues 

Most reputable onboarding software platforms cover these features, but you’ll have to take a closer look to determine what other capabilities will make your life easier and more productive.

7. Clear Company

Clear Company incorporates automation in employee-friendly ways. After all, keeping your new hire up-to-date and engaged in the onboarding process is over half the battle, right? 

Clear Company elevates mobile-friendly to a higher standard, optimizing their packets and forms for mobile use. This allows your new employees to complete onboarding paperwork from any device and at a time that suits them best. 

Another feature worth mentioning is the seamless transfer of new hire data from your Clear Company platform to your payroll system. This lets you skip the redundant data entry and increase data integrity. 

8. Talmundo

Talmundo steps in to guide your new hires during the “pre-boarding” process that begins as soon as your candidate accepts your employment offer. 

This method keeps your new hire engaged, even if it’s weeks or months before their first day of work. The pre-boarding and onboarding process flow together effortlessly, ensuring your newest employees stay motivated and excited about their opportunity with your company. This two-part process means that most of the paperwork, training, and introductions are done before the first day. 

And yes – new hires can schedule their training and even review employee handbooks using the platform. Talmundo also automates employee training tracking, allowing HR to monitor their progression through customized training materials. 

Be Sure to Include an Efficient Scheduling System

Not all enterprise recruitment software includes automated scheduling for interviews, training, and other communications, and even for those that do – it might not be the most useful feature. 

Calendly integrates with calendars like Outlook, Google, iCloud, and Office 365 and connects with up to six calendars at once to ensure you’re never double-booked.

You can find a complete list of Calendly's integration capabilities for CRM systems, e-commerce, and recruiting software (like Greenhouse) on our website. 

We serve clients like: 

  • Zendesk

  • LinkedIn

  • EMyth

  • University of Georgia

Visit our homepage for a video demo and to initiate a free trial period. 

Talent Acquisitions Suites as an Alternative to Tech Stacking

For many companies, it’s more practical and budget-friendly to make individual enterprise recruitment software selections as needed. By employing integrations, you can stack platforms that offer the most benefit for your company.  Also, stacking means change occurs more gradually, minimizing transition periods.

However, if your company is ready to take a giant leap and is always looking for new talent to onboard, stacking might not be your best option. Instead, consider implementing a talent acquisition suite. 

These comprehensive platforms typically cover everything from recruitment marketing to onboarding and include features for employee referrals and more. 

If you have the budget and the additional time it takes to deploy these suites, we recommend Jobvite’s and Lever’s talent acquisition suite platforms. 

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